Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ICONIX Selling Peanuts & Strawberry Shortcake

Iconix is in a bad way.  First Met life fires Snoopy as their official mascot...NOW...the entire peanuts line is for sale most likely to be bought by Chinese investors. 

Also owned by Iconix and ALSO going up for sale...Strawberry Shortcake.  They recently purchased the rights and were set to develop a new animated series based upon the original.

I guess that's on hold.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

3 3/4" Glider Packs Discontinued

Please note...Past figure accessories included a Glider Pack.  Glider Packs have been discontinued in favor of the Missile Pack.  The missile pack will be made available separately for those who purchased past figures once I get some made.

To those who purchased figures with a glider pack, should you accidentally break your glider pack,  no replacement parts will be available.  Instead you will be offered a Missile Pack as a replacement.

Also, "ALL" Roboid/Deimos figures made from this point on will no longer have the chest canopy screwed in.  The screw has been eliminated and the canopy will be glued in.  None of the Deimos figures have the canopy screwed in which saved me a lot of work and allowed me to significantly drop the price of Deimos.

Monday, January 9, 2017


The fun with silicone molds is we can put the mold split line wherever we want.  We can encase the entire master, just so long as its easy to remove from the mold with the closest replication and least amount of sanding and least amount of detail affected.  Silicone provides the flexibility to stretch the mold slightly for cast removal.

I try to avoid running a mold split down a 5mm peg.    If at all possible, I prefer to encase it and run the mold split down an area that's easily sanded with the least amount of detail.  Like a corner or edge.

Here's an example of both.
Here, the peg is fully encased currently in clay, which when removed will be replaced with silicone.  Also the mold split line goes through the top of the head where there is no detail and down the middle of his face again where there is little to no detail and a natural ridge dividing the face in half and then along the neck edge to the back side where the mold split is moved to follow the natural edges between detail to avoid as little disruption to detail as possible when sanding.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Its so cool.  No stress.  And because of that, Im coming up with simple answers to problems that were bothering me.  Simple answers that cut valuable wear and tear off of my fingers.  And cut time off of assembly.  But more importantly its the "type" of work it cut out.  A painful long drawn out process that resulted in blistered fingers, frustration and festered a lack of desire to make these.

In the last week, I have made 3 Deimos figures and Jade.  They all need a final wash, some detail painting and some clear coat.  I have dishes of clear urethane parts.  Hopefully this is a new found desire that will last and not some simple surge. 

But hey...its fun again.  So I might as well blast out as many figures as I can while I have this energy.  Next week I'll make Ronin.  A 3 3/4" King Atlas.

Here's Jade.  Sorry...taking pictures has always been a chore for me.  Someday I'll get the hang of it.

Lee is an accomplished artist and self taught in 3D modelling.  He did a wonderful job modeling the head for this figure.  I was quite happy when he agreed to help me out.

Jade is not currently
 for sale.  Im not scrambling to have a pre order or rush to make a bunch.  Im making a whole bunch of figures.  Jade and Ronin and a few other variants of figures.  Some clear urethane figures.  Whatever grabs me.  When I get a bunch made...probably this summer...I'll put a bunch up for sale.

There will not be any fancy artwork when these do become available.  That's another headache unto itself.  I wont be carding figures anymore.  Except Marauder.  "WHEN" I eventually get him done, he will be carded.  But until then, we're keeping things simple.