Sunday, December 19, 2010

MEGO Salesman Sheets Found

Fortunately we arent dealing with a bank.  The missing sheets have been found and will soon be here.  As soon as they arrive I will be posting them.  The seller was extremely nice about it.  Im so relieved.

Im sure most of you have seen them already on ebay, but I'll give you a closer look.  There are some very ccol shots you just dont see these days.  Remember these are the salesman sets.  So there might be some photos that might vary from the actual final product.  At least thats what I am hoping. 

Just like the German Airfix Toy Brochure.  You know the one in every Micronauts Toy set.  Well I just picked up one off ebay that features a WHITE Baron Karza and a Transfer Fortress in it.  After checking around it was told to me that it was probably more a matter of parts missing for a photo shoot and so they adlibbed as opposed to a suggested alternate color scheme.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Copper Chrome Force Commander

Im still dieing to put this beside the Gold Force Commander and take some pics.  However its late and Im tired, so it will have to wait till tomorrow for the dual pic.  Plus it will be the first chance this week I will have had to take some daylight pictures.   So I will take pictures of the two of them tomorrow afternoon.  By 5pm its already dark out now. 

 But I was able to get a good picture nonetheless of the Chrome Copper Force Commander.

Now that these have been done.  I am more determined than ever to get a metalizer and do this myself.   I know the theory behind the processes and having never chromed a piece myself, it was my suggestions and recommendations that figured out for the chromer how to hold these in a manner that would allow them to be able to chrome them without damaging them.

Being a machinist for 25 years has only made me more of a perfectionist and I truly believe that I can do a better job because I am more familiar with these figures.

You'll notice the pooling of color in the eyes.  Also, the coloring is slightly inconsistent.  Its still a fantastic looking figure none the less, but it could have been better.  The reason is the chromer is after all this time and a trip down to see him,  is still unfamiliar with the figure.  He has no knowledge of the Micronauts or other figures in the line so he doesnt know what is really important and whats not.

I had hoped to have a metalizer this year, and probably would have if I had not bought this new truck.  So next year Im getting rid of the truck for a cheaper one that will allow me to be able to afford a small metalizer so that I can do this type of work myself.  All in all, I had 14 magno figures chromed plus the Palisades Baron Karza/Andromeda set.  The cost of chroming these figures alone would have bought a small metalizer.  Considering how much chroming I want to do for myself makes this a practical purchase plus I will then be able to provide this as an additional service.

It makes a huge difference when you get someone to do something and they are familiar with the pieces.  Its like asking Robert Bateman to paint a picture of a Micronaut figure.  He is unfamiliar with the line and in all likelihood wont be able to grasp the essence of the figure in the painting as say Ken Kelly would or Dave Doorman.

I can do a bit better of a job and I know it.  If my advice helped them,  then maybe I should seriously consider just doing it myself.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Copper Chrome King Atlas

The second figure of this series, The Copper Chromed King Atlas.  You can call him a Green Baron if you like, but since he isnt green, I use the more figure friendly name King Atlas. 

I have gone with a simple and common color theme for all of the chrome magnos I have made.

Baron Karza :  Black Hilights
King Atlas : Black Hilights
Force Commander : White Hilights
Emperor : Silver Chrome Hilights

I had the black hilights in my parts organizer so they were easy to get to. Tomorrow, I will go through the closet and dig out my last Red Clear Force Commander and strip the white hilights from it and use it in the Copper Force Commander. Yes, I could easily make the chest hilights by casting them. But I am sparing no expense for these chromed magnos. I want injection molded parts only for these figures. The remaining parts from the Red Clear Force Commander will be recycled into a red clear with Black hilights Force Commander. I will have 3 of these when I am finished.

The Copper Chromed Emperor and the Blue Chrome Emperor will be completed in roughly 8-10 weeks. I have yet to send the hilights for Silver chroming. So it makes no sense to assemble the figure till I need to.

You may notice that there are no back packs and rockets right now.  There was an issue with the backpacks and they have been sent back for touch up work.  I expect them back in a few weeks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Copper Chrome Baron Karza

Well its another late night.  I had a bit of an issue when I misplaced my Purple Chrome Emperor.  I wanted to put the final purple chrome pieces with it so I wouldnt lose them, until I got the silver chrome hilights to assemble him...2 hours later he was located. 

So that delayed me.  But here he is in all his glory.  Copper Chrome BK meets Gold BK.  Im still learning how to use this camera and working with lighting after sundown.  These guys are very hard to get a good photo. This is the only photo that turned out well enough.  The others the lighting was off and the pictures were too dark to reflect the true color. 

I think the Gold BK has met his match.  But Im biased.  I still need to put his rockets on, but Im way too tired right now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Copper Chrome

Well its all catching up with me.  I didnt get to sleep till 2 am and was back up at 6:30.  Im about ready to fall asleep and I know by 10 pm I'll be wide awake.  So I havent got a completely assembled Copper Chrome figure put together yet.

But I promised some pics today, so I took a pick of one of the chest pieces so you can see how it turned out.

I will be pulling the white hilights from a red clear Force Commander and installing them into the Copper Chrome Magno.  I bought 4 Red Clear Force Commanders when I had the chance a few years ago knowing I needed them for this project.  I would have bought 5, but YEARS ago, I bought the Palisades Red Clear FC BAG O PARTS auction.  No FC head, but everything else was there.  So I used that one to make a red clear with white Baron Karza.

Im dieing to put my Gold Force Commander up beside the Copper Chrome FC and post a pic of them together.  Expect that in the next day or two.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blood Worm Membros

Sometimes you get stupid and sometimes you get lucky.  This was the one time I got both.

There was a multi action figure ebay auction.  In this auction was a white Emperor among other figures.  It was what I was after believing I didnt have one.  However at the time, it had been a long time since I had been through the closet and I didnt have an inventory list. 

The seller had a few other things in the auction.  Including a Hero Factory  Space Glider still in its baggie.  The seller thought this was the diamond in the rough figure.  I have 265 of those.  2 cases yet unopened.  There was another figure in this lot.  From the picture it looked like a black Membrose.  Yawn.  Back to the Grey or off white Emperor.  That was the prize in this lot.  SO I thought.

I won the auction.  When it arrived, I stared going through the closet to put it away.  WHATS THIS?!?!?  I already had an off white Emperor.  I didnt need to buy this auction at all.  If only I wasnt so stupid and had inventoried my collection.

Hold on...WTF...Whats this???  In the auction, the picture was dark in the one area and didnt reflect the actual colors of one of the figures.  Membros.  In the photo he looked like a typical all black Membros.  But thats not what this was.  This is an official unofficial Palisades run off.  Palisades didnt make any red clear Membros.  Yet this Membros has Red Clear Arms and clear red cuffs for the accessories.  I later found out that there were less than 10 of these figures made and at least half were mistakenly shipped out with the rest of the production figures.  And here I had recieved it by bidding on an auction by mistake.  Had I known I already had an off white Emperor, I would never have bid on the auction.  Further digging revealed it to be called "The Bloodworm Membros"

Altho the cover photo is a little dark, you can clearly see the clear red Membros arms and Cuffs and the figure is MOC.

Stupid and Lucky.  Both at the same time.  Usually its just the Stupid part, but its nice to be lucky every once in a while.  :~)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wasnt That A Party!!!

Well the 2010 Grey Cup has come and gone.

MAN!!! What a party.  Tailgate parties/hot tub parties and of course the typical keg parties were everywhere.  The 2010 Grey Cup was the largest and most successful party to date.  Of course that was due to all the Saskatchewan fans who basically turned Edmonton Alberta into Edmonton Saskatchewan.

It was sold out.  I was cheering for both teams, But I am an Anthony Calvillo fan.  He's the quarterback for the Montreal Allouettes.  A future Hall of Famer.  So I bought a Montreal jersey.  Bring your sense of humor.  WOW was I out numbered.  VERY outnumbered.  Someone had to cheer for Montreal and Im a glutton for punishment...It was the best time I have had in a long while.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a few rows down below me.  I spent the first quarter taking pictures of the costumes people were wearing.  I'll say this...Saskatchewan fans are very loyal and playful.  They are without a doubt the best and noisiest fans in the CFL. 

At the beggining of the game the Snowbirds came in formation.  I thought I was gonna lose my mind.  You could see them approach on the Jumbotron.  But what wasnt on the Jumbotron, were the 2 CF-18's that came in so low, I swear they actually flew into the stadium, they were that low.  I lost my hearing.  It was so FN loud.  Of course they were so quick, I couldnt get a picture.  And it was so cold, my camera kept acting up.  I had to keep it warm by stuffing it down my pants or it wouldnt work.

The Halftime entertainment featured BTO.  Man, those boys can still crank it out.  They took a few pages from Motley Crue with the pyrotechnics.  The cold froze the zoom feature so I didnt get any close ups.  Bummer.  Earlier pregame entertainment featured 5 other bands including Great White.  The even had a zip line for people to try.  It was very cool.  I tried to get a picture of this one girls cleavage, but Gumby kept sticking his head in between her boobs everytime I went to take the picture.  I should have given him the camera.

This was the second year in a row that these 2 teams met in the Grey Cup.  Montreal has won both times.  I picked Montreal to win because Athony Calvillo is the master of the clock.  He doesnt panic and knows how to use the clock to his advantage.  While the game was closer than I expected it to be, Montreal did win.  But it was close.  It took a last minute interception for Montreal to seal the deal. 

It'll be another 8 or 10 years before we see another Grey Cup here in Edmonton.  And Im gonna be there.  Im keeping these season tickets.  It was worth it.

Altho the Edmonton Eskimos really sucked this year, All the teams were represented in some form by their cheerleaders.  And the Edmont Eskimo Cheer Team proved that they are without a doubt THE BEST in the league.  While most teams have strictly Cheerleaders, The Eskimos also have men on the Cheer Team.  This allows for more acrobatics.  I mean man can they throw those cheerleaders high!!!

             Moses is a                Saskatchewan Fan!

BTO-Bachman Turner Overdrive is Taking Care Of Business!!!

This stupid mascot kept throwing his head forward and back.  I lost my lunch laughing so hard.  All the plummage would flare up when he did it.  It was hilarious.
            Fireworks or                 rather some of them.

                                           Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team.

                                          More BTO !!!  YEAH BABY!!!

                                            The Jumbotron.
SO here's a few pics of the Grey Cup and some of the costumes I managed to get pictures of.  Just click on them to enlarge.

There arent any pictures of any Montreal Fans because...Well there werent very many.  Or at least very few dressed up.  I mean it when I say this game was dominated by Saskatchewan fans.  The attendance record was set by Edmonton VS Saskatchewan last year and eclipsed by this Grey Cup game.

         Now lets get back to making more Action Figures!!!