Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank You Bry

Homeworld wishes to send out a big THANK YOU...a HUGE THANK YOU to Bry Wilkinson for his part in the Pass Around Project.  There are a few more people as well, but Im not quite sure who is all involved.  So I do apologize for not mentioning anyone else.  Im also not sure how others feel about having their names blogged.

But Bry was instrumental in getting me to do this project.  I originally turned it down.  At the time I didnt think I had the required skills and practices of casting to do a proper job.  But by the time I recieved the parts, I had the right equipment and sufficient confidence that I knew I could do it.  All I needed was the time.   I know I have had this figure here since february of this year, so he has been quite awhile without his figure.  A few years at the very least.  I think the only person left to cast this figure now is him. 

So once again, Thank You Bry for letting us use your figure and to the others who have also so graciously lent their parts to this project, Im sorry I dont have your names.  But Thank you all for your generosity and your patience.  This is awesome.