Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chess Set Parts Lot Sold for $20

Wow.  I spent close to $1000 on figures for the set.  There was also a lot of Urethane cast parts. 

$20...for everything.

Someone got a great deal!   Well done Keith.  :-)

Monday, May 29, 2017



Im pissed about this.  It isn't right.  Male oriented institutions of learning are being forced to go co ed.  The males WANT a male only institution because of claims of sexual harassment.  Just the claim alone is enough to ruin a future career regardless of its validity.  Yet more and more are forced to accept female students. 

To date...not a single female only institution of learning has been forced to go co ed.


Im not a Gal Gadot (sp?) fan to begin with.  I wont stoop to telling you what I thought about her BEFORE this incident, let alone now.  I was willing to give this movie a shot even though I think the CGG in the trailers is enough to turn any one away from the movie.

But now...Im pissed.  Really pissed.  She just hit my all time hatred level.  Yep...she's right up there with liver and cooked spinach.

Its out right gender discrimination.  Im glad they killed her off in FF because she is now banned in my house.  We will not buy any DVD's, attend any movies that she performs in or contribute to causes she endorses. I can enjoy the rest of the movie series.

What message are they sending to young women?  You set any respectable feminism progress considerably back.  You can now open your own doors, pay for your own cabs and buy your own drinks. 

You lost my support with your double standard.  I can't take your complaints seriously anymore when you pull stunts like this.  So now they fall on deaf ears.  Don't ask me to sign any petitions.

My boycott wont affect anything, but this kind of negativity cant be good on any level.

I will not be buying, reviewing or endorsing the reboot of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot or any merchandise there of.  

Its all I can do.  Really...there is nothing right about this, and no valid reason to justify this.  This isn't right by any stretch of the imagination.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Calgon Take Me Away

C' know you're laughing because you remember the jingle and the stereotype of the commercial.  But its how I feel.  I am so sore and stiff.  If you are 40 or might not get it.

Two straight weekends plus a few hours after work and I have virtually all my yard work done save for the drainage ditch around the garage and levelling my sidewalk and enlarging my patio.  The roof isn't included in this list but its on this summer's agenda.  I finished chopping all my wood and this years yard refuse.  Last weekend was last years yard refuse.  You don't burn green wood so I need to let it dry before I can burn it.  I got ALL the dandelions I could find...MUWAHAHA...

So...with 65% of my summer work done by the end of May...Im laughing.

I have about 15 figures needing detailing and clear coating.  Another 3 to finish.  And Jade figures to start now.

Missile packs.   Here's the plan.  Missiles...WILL glued into the holders.  I'll leave that up to you if you want them glued or not.

I havent had time to work on Marauder yet, but the Magno figure is the closest to being finished.  But would still need a couple of weeks of vigilant effort.  So I am leaving it for now.  My focus is on getting the 3 3/4" figures ready for September. 

Things are looking good.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This Weekend-May 26

I'm sorry about not having much Micro related content or much casting information.  I really need to get this yard work done.  Im half finished then I can enjoy the summer and have time to get everything ready for September's Sale.

This September's Sale will most likely be your last chance at getting custom 3 3/4" variants of Sultan/Roboid/Flight Commander and Overlord.  You will still be able to commission customs of past figures or figures you can paint, but Roboid/Sultan/Flight Commander/Overlord in their original colors and packaging are sold out.  I will have one or two of the original figures in the original colors in this September's Sale with no packaging and missile packs instead of glider wings.  I'll also have some of my Microman and Micronauts figures and a few rare and unusual an official Microtron Iron On still in its packaging...for example, available.

Im aiming for 10 Jade figures for Septembers Sale.  If there's time, I'll add 10 Ronin as well.  These figures are: Jade = 3 3/4" Green Baron...Ronin = 3 3/4" King Atlas.  If not, Ronin will be available for Christmas.   Then these figures are available through commission only and only in custom colors.

Im not sure about Steeds.  The Missile packs while scaled accurately are too long to fit on the back of the figure in Centaur form at this size.  Once I figure out how to solve that problem then there is the issue of how much I would have to charge for a Steed and accessories.  There is double the work and resin extra molds and I cant see anyone paying $150 for a 3 3/4" Steed version.   That may or may not include shipping.  Yeah...that's a chunk.  So Im not sure about the Steeds.  If I make them, most likely (but not entirely) they would be for myself.   I still take commissions.  I take commissions on anything I have molds for.

Im feeling like Im held hostage to this Micronaut Project of turning the Micronaut Magno figures into 3 3/4" format.  Its dragging me down.  Im not enjoying making multiple figures.  Im not enjoying making the same figure over and over again with the only difference being the head.  I have made 150+ of the same figures with the only exception to difference being Roboid.  I want to move on to other projects. 

So for the next few weeks, unfortunately, all I have to offer up is a few items for Sale.  Expect a different item offered up every 4 or 5 days.  There are going to be some AWESOME DEALS if you get good timing.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Its been a hectic week and it isn't stopping.  So much to do.  But I ***DID*** get the Micronauts Chess Set dismantled and all the parts on Ebay.  There is also a lot of clear cast parts. 

Below is the link to the Ebay auction which runs 7 days from...well...Now.

Monday, May 22, 2017


A cool movie.  My only dislike is the amount of makeup Jenifer Lawrence wears and the attitude she portrays.  She looks trashy.  Old and bitchy.  Make up should enhance beauty not create it unless its part of the costume and in this case it isn't.

The movie reminds me of the first Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser. 

They introduce some new mutants.  Kill off some of the familiar mutants from 1st Class and fill in some of the blanks to tie in the Patrick Stewart X Men movies.  They fill in the past history of some more memorable mutants like Storm and a few others.

A not bad movie.  The similarities to the Mummy notwithstanding,  Jennifer Lawrence portrayal of Mystique IMO brings the movie down.  Not her acting...the attitude she portrays.  Im finding Im not a Jennifer Lawrence fan.  The more movies she acts in the less I like her.  All she does in Hunger Games is cry and scream so maybe that has something to do with it.

There is very limited involvement of the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in this movie.  The introduction of Quick Silver adds a nice touch of comedy.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Palsades Micro's

PALISADES MICROS...Cant sell them, cant give them away. 

Time to have some fun...

I have 5 red brain and a purple Centaurus, both Bioscans, A prince and a Devils Due Acroyear plus a few TT's....all MOSC...

BACK IN 10 MINUTES...   :-)


The Time Medic was big deal there.  It has the typical o-ring melting problem...The Bioscan Membros...all have loose knees...but the Centaur's and the Acroyears are all in great shape.
These will be on Ebay as a lot...But I'm going to keep a few of the red brains.   My record stands at 46 for a de-carding/opening session.  But this still made the top 5 for number of figures opened in one sitting.  Definitely the most I have opened in the last 10 years.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Peanuts Gang Now Canadian Citizens

How about that Eh?

After getting fired by Met Life...Snoopy flew his Red Baron and Peanuts Gang Canada. 

DHX Media of Halifax, Nova Scotia...bought 80% of the Peanuts brand for a reported $345 Million dollars on Wednesday May 10/17.

Did they come to escape Trump...or because they can actually build an ice rink in their back yard or have a real frozen pond to play hockey on?  Try that in Vegas. 

Now Im sure a lot of my U.S. friends might be down in the dumps about this, however, the Chinese are huge Peanuts fans and were expected to purchase the Peanuts enterprise when the sell off was first announced.

Maybe that puts a little sugar on things?

Friday, May 12, 2017


Stanley Weston, NY native and U.S. Army Vet passed away at the age of 84 May 1 2017.  He created the military doll after watching Barbie's success.  He sold his ideas to Hasbro,  spawning the 1985 cartoon and later a couple of movies with Channing Tatum (2009).

G.I. JOE was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, Rochester N.Y. 2003.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017



It has been reported that Neil Marshall will replace Del Toro and Ron Pearlman will be replaced with David Harbour.  While Pearlman is a fantastic fit for Hellboy, methinks age had something to do with it.  I don't really consider Harbour a solid choice for replacing Pearlman.  He's more of what I would refer to as a solid B lister.  Kinda like Jessica Biel. 

People hate change.  We're lazy.  We like familiarity.  Im a perfect example of that.  If change is to happen we want it to happen on our terms.  But it usually doesn't and we're left wondering why.  And out of respect for past actors of past movies, they never tell you.

Neil Marshall has reportedly signed on writer Aron Eli Coleite (HEROS).  I'll wait for the official review on this one.  I like Del  Torro's take on things.  Sometimes new blood is a good thing.

We'll see.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


This has probably been dissected by Micronaut fans everywhere already, but in case some of you DONT KNOW...

Bill Mantlo was a writer for Marvel back in the 70's.  In the 90's he was permanently disabled by a hit and run driver and his life changed negatively on every level.

Now...25 years later a resurgence of a past character now made popular by the Guardians of the Galaxy movies...Rocket Racoon means Bill can now live somewhat of a more comfortable life outside the hands of a government system which had him penniless and in government care which meant any gifts, memorabilia or assets of any kind had to be sold for his care.

Please click the link below for the compete story. 

Im not ashamed to say I cried my eyes out over this.  Bill's lost 25 years of his life.  He will never get that back or his health.  But now he can at least live in his own house and keep the things which mean something to him instead of being pushed around by the system.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

UK Shipping.

***UK SHIPPING***   

I GROSSLY under estimated the cost of tracking to the UK.  A small box the size of the Roboid box I used is $11.00 (CAN) to the UK or about $8-$8.50 US.  I was only charging (and have been charging) an extra $5.00 over the US shipping price for tracked packages to the UK...its actually $30 US (total) for that parcel to be tracked to the UK including the 5% off on all my tracked packages.  Shipping prices adjusted to match the exchange rate.  I charge actual shipping minus 5% for all tracked packages.  So its not that shipping charges have recently increased a drastic amount.  I was ignorantly under charging for tracked packages to the UK.  I hope you benefitted from my mistake.  Tracked packages to the US are up to $15 for something the size of the Roboid Box weighing under 2.2 lbs or 1 Kilogram.

Im sorry, but the last small package I sent to the UK, was to Jonathon Ross and NEVER made it.  Fortunately it was custom 3 3/4" figures I made and nothing else.  So Im sorry.  I have to put tracking on parcels to the UK now.

 Im giving items 4 or 5 days listing on the blog before it gets pulled if there is no interest.  Surprise Sales only get 48 hours...for a reason.  If you need a little time to save Im ok with holding am item for a limited time. 

Payment options (like time to pay) are available on items of interest.  Email for more information.

Im putting up my remaining Transformers on Ebay.  Nothing special there.  I have more common,  Micronauts starting at $10 and up I'll be listing here soon.