Saturday, August 10, 2013

Micronauts Museum Issue

While I am slowly getting rid of my entire Toy Collection, Comics were always my first passion.  I have a few hundred of various titles and a few undergrounds as well. I have most of the Micronauts and All the variant covers.  I will always buy comics.

I have never been an advocate for AFA grading.  Buying something that was AFA graded seemed a waste of either a figure or a comic to me because you need to hold it and or play with it/read it to appreciate it.  Thats my belief.

However I believe I found an exception to my rule.  Like I always say, If you dont ask, you'll never know.  I recently submitted an offer for this next item and was quite surprised to find it was accepted.  Since I have read and have other variations of this comic, and others can easily be found, there is no reason to NOT have this particular item AFA Graded.  Its sealed as it is.