Monday, August 14, 2017


Or maybe its...Off Course.

2 months ago I was worried about my job because it was so slow.  Now we are so busy, I have been turning down overtime because is interfering with my September Sale.

I have been working 10's and weekends.  That's put me a little behind...but Im taking everything with me on my vacation.    I not much behind...I have 8 figures left to assemble.  Maybe 3 figures behind.

I can easily make that up while camping.  :-)

Sunday, August 6, 2017


A little bit on Homeworld's Figures.
Series 1

All of Homeworld's figures are hand made.  While I may have the Master 3D printed,  Homeworld does not 3D print any of its parts.  In fact, some of the masters needed were so small they could not be printed and had no choice but to be made by hand.

Molds are made.  Casts are made.  Casts are sanded and holes are drilled.  Parts are washed and assembled.  Light detail painting and then clear coated.

All molds and casts are pressurized to 55 PSI.  Casting requires a minimum of 30 PSI to be effective.

Homeworlds figures are heavier than printed figures the same size.  My cast parts do not float in water.  I use water to help check my parts.  If a cast part floats,  its garbage.  It means it has an air bubble in it.

Series 1 and Series 2 figures have slight differences.  Series 1 figures feature a matching glider pack.

  Series 2 figures feature a missile pack in place of the glider pack.  Glider Packs have been phased out and are no longer available.
Series 2 figures now feature clear urethane shoulder pins.  A feature that will be permanent for all future figures.

All figures carry Homeworld's 90 Day Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty*

I know of no other Indy Toy maker in the world who offers this kind of guarantee. 

Im committed to making the best figure I can.  One that you will be proud to both own and display.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Im on the fence with full urethane figures...they take twice as long to build.

In regards to anything else available for Septembers Sale...Sale start date expecting to be Sept 15/17.  Date is subject to change but looking real good at this point.

There will be no packaging and no artwork.  All NON urethane figures will be $75.00

JADE will also be $75.00 but there is a Customer Loyalty Sale also.  Anyone who purchases Jade, sends me a picture of themselves posing with any of my past releases will get 5% off on JADE per figure they own to a maximum of 25%...If you have 4 of my figures...that's 20% off JADE.

Im looking at $125-$140 for Full Urethane figures.  I haven't settled on full urethane prices yet.  Resin, Silicone and Rivets have all gone up in the last year.

Expect that all NON urethane figures (3 3/4")  will be $75 now and in the future.

Shipping not included.

Urethane is much harder to work with and the molds break down after 5 or 6 figures, sometimes less.  Hence why I have to charge more.

With proper care, I can get 15-20 figures from my molds with full resin figures.