Saturday, June 24, 2017


Its scary right now.  Fracking can break even on $15/barrel.  The US has close to 6000 drilled wells just sitting there waiting to 'turn the tap'.  Oilsands need around $42.  Where it is now.  11 years on the job with every department except the machine shop taking layoff.  The machine shop runs on a skeleton crew.  There is no one to lay off.  If they lay off a single person, they would have to lay off an entire shift. 

We haven't had a raise in 4 years and looks like we will be taking significant wage cuts next fall if we don't lose our jobs.  So Im taking upgrade courses this fall at Nait in CNC programming.  I know how to program, I just need more practice and knowledge of 'little tricks'.  At least this way if I lose my job, I can still get a job programming.  Its much easier (for me anyway) than 3D modelling and would allow me to move anywhere in the world with my 30+ years of machining experience.

But I said it 15 years ago.  Recessions are good for creativity.  People dig down into what the can to pay the bills.  They devote more time to their customs or creative side to pay the bills as there is ore time to give because they aren't working.  But its not guaranteed and the moment a "job" becomes available they take it and have no more time for customs.  Which can really suck from the consumers end. 

As I get older, my job security becomes shakier as my shelf life is limited.  I no longer am part of the future.  The current economy doesn't give me any faith that I will be able to retire with this company much as I hope to.  So...I need to be ready and more flexible.  AND...after 15 years...Im no longer taking those dam T-4's.  You know...those mood altering crazy pills.  Its like a fog has been lifted from my head. 

As I get older,,,expect more and more devotion to my craft as I plan to make custom figures my retirement career. That's only 13-14 years away.  Palisades Micronauts came out 15 years ago if that helps with perspective. 

Its just prudent planning.


A friend of mine who runs the blog The Chest Engine recently commissioned a few  Magno Heads from me and was having some custom fun with them. 

I really like the Palisades Clear magno's.  Too bad the plastic is so brittle.  But for people like myself and a few others they are the most perfect magno for customizing because the color possibilities are endless if you have any customizing abilities.  I myself kept 4 clear Palisades Clear/black BK sets for customizing a set in a particular color for myself.  Clear with metallized blue accents.

UNFORTUNATELY...these were the last heads I am able to make.  My molds have expired and I sold all my Emperors and King Atlas/Green Barons.  So I don't have a master available to remake the mold.  But if I had one, I could make more.

And here is what their owner over at The Chest Engine ( I really need to update my HOT LIST) did with them.  Thanks to The Chest Engine for the pics.

I love knowing I was able to help someone make customs like these. 
AWESOME PICS and thanks again to The Chest Engine for the pics.

More information on the making of these figures can be found over at 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back-Rocky Mountains...AGAIN!

The Rocky Mountains.  I love them.  After buying (read financed) my wife a Trailer/Toy Hauler/RV last year, we have been making the most of both the trailer and our close proximity to the Rockies.   It takes us 3 1/2 hrs to reach th Rockies.  We try to go once a month.  I can only book holidays on day shift and a leave Friday night come back Sunday isn't worth my time.  That's a tease.

We left last Wednesday and got back today.  Preachers Point is Crown land along the North Saskatchewan River which means its an open campground  No services.  We pick a new site every time we go.  There are miles of potential sites.  Some get flooded out by the end of the summer as glacier melting raises the river by then.

Wildlife count was 1 black bear, 1 moose, 1 doe, 2 geese, 1 gosling and 1 possibly 2 chipmunks.

I bought another knife.  A real nice ebony handled 'Buck' Knife.  75th anniversary don't ya know.  I didn't either.  But its a dam good knife.

There is a nice mountain behind us.  I made out like Tom Cruise with nothing but my knife and started climbing.  It was more of an advanced hike climbing escarpments of 60 degrees or better.  An hour later realizing I was getting perilously close to not being able to get down, I turned around and realized I was a good 300 ft up and looking at a long tumble down.  This is not a Hollywood movie.  I had to do an inverted crab walk down on my hands and feet.  There was no way I would be able to simply stand up and walk down.  Later after getting back to the campsite and a nice long walk I found another horse trail that would provide relative safety to the top of the lowest part of the mountain I was trying to get to with my straight on approach.  It'll take a few extra hours, but I wont drop dead of a heart attack.  I fail to realize Im 50...not 15.  At least once I thought I was dying.

Today, I can barely walk.  My thighs hurt like hell and now both my shoulders are buggered.  But the left one is only sore from being used in ways its not used to.  :-)

Back to reality.  Work starts at 7:30 am tomorrow.  And so does making figures.  Back to getting ready for Septembers Sale.

Im looking forward to Septembers Sale.  Then I can finish Ronin and move on to making custom figures/vehicles.  No more production runs.  Make a couple to feed my desire and move on.  No rush, no schedules. 

Just good old fashioned Hobby Fun!

Monday, June 12, 2017

11 NEW MICRONAUTS SELL FOR $90...$8.00/Figure

1 Prince Acroyear, 2 DD Ex Acroyears, 2 Error and 1 correct Bioscan Membros, 1 black Membros, 1 Time Medic, 1 extra pod, 1 clear TT, 1 red Brain retro and 1 purple Centaur.

$90...that's $8.00 per figure

My Chess Set parts, only sold for $20

At least a couple of people got some decent deals. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Its time for Canada Post to close its doors...PERMANENTLY.

The problem...their union, overpaid workers and an unsustainable pension package.

Its bad enough out of 35 million people...Im one of 100,000 who had door service cancelled.  I have already had my super mailbox broke into.

NOW...I have a small fortune in hockey cards.  How is it, I can buy a hockey card from the US and have it shipped tracked for less than $5.00 when it costs me $12.50 to send the VERY SAME package to the US?

Who in their right mind is going to spend $12.50 for shipping on a product of equal or less value?

That's a $10 (Can) difference.  I might as well throw these hockey cards in the garbage then because the US is my biggest customer next to the UK,

If CANADA POST cant compete then they need to close its doors because I am sick of my tax dollars subsidizing it.  My tax dollars are going to their over inflated union pension fund and killing any chance of me opening a business that involves shipping.

Its no wonder Canada is going to hell in a hand basket. We can only afford to do business with ourselves.  Its no wonder why businesses are leaving or failing completely in Canada.


That's not tongue in cheek either.  All one has to do is look at Canada's policies and central focus political system.  I might as well be in China.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Sadly, time advances for us all and has claimed Adam West best known as the original Batman at the age of 88 after a battle with leukemia.

The 60's TV show with the POW and KA BAM taking over the screen subtly hiding the violent scenes from kids.  Clever.  Epic even.  A classic for every kid of the 60's/70's

Another time.  Its stories now buried in the bowels of history.

A sad reminder that time...leaves no one behind. 

Im deeply saddened by this.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


The sale of my Magno figures contributed to my buying "Priss".  That's what I call my car.  The Purple Emperor Prototype was the centerpiece of my magno collection for a long time.

My car, a 1972 AMC AMX Javelin is Plum Crazy Purple.  The female to Emperor is Empress.  Priss for short.

And it has more in common with the Magno figures than I thought.  The seat belts when not in use are held in place in the centre console by...Magnets.

Having bought the car last fall, I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy it.  It didn't feel like my car.

It does now.  While I do miss my figures, I have no regrets.  This is my dream car.  From the moment I sat in one when I was 17.  I have to be careful though.  This car has the 401...a beefed up 390 on steroids with a Carter 625.  It may be an automatic, but its a monster.  The 4 barrels kicking in at 60 MPH...I leave my tires on the road.  And the car is very light.  3000 lbs and a short wheelbase.
Im loving it.

Micronauts on Ebay

I'll post the link here in a bit.  Ima little tired right now. 

I have an 11 figure Micronauts lot up on Ebay.  Palisades Acroyears both Prince and 2-Devils Due, both Embassy Bioscans but there are 2 of the Error version, Time Medic, Clear TT, Red Brain and Purple Centaurs.  An extra time medic pod. A black Membros but he has no claws and has been sitting displayed on my shelf for years.  An exta Time Medic Pod and even the signed packaging from the Palisades Staff if you want it

All are 100% complete and in great shape.  I just opened them.  The Time Medic obviously has o ring melting issues.

Under Ebay ID: t-551  if you cant wait for the link.

Auction scheduled for 5 pm Pacific time Monday June 5 and will run for 7 days.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

MAGNETO...Can He???

I was watching X Men Apocalypse when Eric takes down the Russian Officers for killing his wife/daughter.   He then uses his daughters chain to kill all the officers.  It flies from his hand and when done returns to his hand.

How does Magneto's power work?

Magneto, is a play on the word Magnetic.  What would happen if the metal he was trying to manipulate was 316 Stainless Steel?  316 SS is NON MAGNETIC.

Would he still be able to manipulate a non magnetic metal?