Saturday, June 24, 2017


A friend of mine who runs the blog The Chest Engine recently commissioned a few  Magno Heads from me and was having some custom fun with them. 

I really like the Palisades Clear magno's.  Too bad the plastic is so brittle.  But for people like myself and a few others they are the most perfect magno for customizing because the color possibilities are endless if you have any customizing abilities.  I myself kept 4 clear Palisades Clear/black BK sets for customizing a set in a particular color for myself.  Clear with metallized blue accents.

UNFORTUNATELY...these were the last heads I am able to make.  My molds have expired and I sold all my Emperors and King Atlas/Green Barons.  So I don't have a master available to remake the mold.  But if I had one, I could make more.

And here is what their owner over at The Chest Engine ( I really need to update my HOT LIST) did with them.  Thanks to The Chest Engine for the pics.

I love knowing I was able to help someone make customs like these. 
AWESOME PICS and thanks again to The Chest Engine for the pics.

More information on the making of these figures can be found over at 

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Sadly, time advances for us all and has claimed Adam West best known as the original Batman at the age of 88 after a battle with leukemia.

The 60's TV show with the POW and KA BAM taking over the screen subtly hiding the violent scenes from kids.  Clever.  Epic even.  A classic for every kid of the 60's/70's

Another time.  Its stories now buried in the bowels of history.

A sad reminder that time...leaves no one behind. 

Im deeply saddened by this.