Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stripping Paint Without Damage

I was presented with some information today that is just too invaluable to not post it.  There have been alot of things recommended for stripping paint.  It is a tender issue because most solvents destroy the plastic.

  But apparently this degreaser is just all around too good to be true.


I have not tried this method, so I cant say for sure it works, but according to the information I does.


Castrol Super Clean

The reason I will try it is because CSC is water soluble.  You simply pour the CSC into a container large enough to submerge your piece that you wish to strip, wait 5-6 hours and simply lightly run a toothbrush over the surface.  You might have to repeat the process for harder to reach areas.  Wash the piece off with some non abrasive soap, rinse and you are done.

** Please Note **
CSC is a caustic product and all precautions should be taken when using this product including rubber gloves and eye protection.  Always refer to product safety information for safety precautions and first aid.

I havent had need to do this.  With the GEEG body I used for Flight Commander, I simply ran the die cast under a wire wheel.  Took off the paint nice and shined the body up in the process. But I wouldnt recommend this with plastic figures.  Also you have to be careful sith some die cast parts.  They get really brittle with age.

But like I said, I havent had to try this yet.  But I really like the fact its water soluble.  It says good for enamel, acrylic, CHROME and some lacquers.

Hmmm.  I just caught the chrome part.  This could be real useful.  :~)

And we actually have a testimonial now that it does indeed work.  See comments.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

MEGO Batman

And then there was one.

 It isnt the best example I have seen, but these guys are next to impossible to find anymore.  MEGO Batman.  There is a set of four.  The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Batman and Spiderman.  The Hulk seems to be more common.  Superman slightly less so.  Batman is very difficult to find and the MEGO Spiderman is dang near impossible.  Timing is everything. 
I saw Superman and I believe it was Batman MOC a few months back.  But the seller wanted more than I was willing to pay.  So I zapped up this loose one.  The cape is slightly damaged but the figure is nice and tight.  I have the Hulk and Superman, so now all I need is the Spiderman.

And then there was left to find.  And this one could take a while.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Palisades Red Falcon Prototype

I havent displayed this figure on the blog yet, so we'll start with it.  The Palisades Red Falcon Prototype.  This is not the complete Red Falcon Prototype.  I dont know if there are other parts for this or not.  After Palisades toys released their run, they sold everything online.  All their prototypes, banners, left over parts, everything.  I noticed a loose bag with red writing on it describing the parts.  So I am not sure if other prototype parts not with this set were made and sold separately to other collectors or not.  I bought this one privately from a former collector.

The Chest is reversed in the packaging to show it off..  Palisades was very collector oriented.  They went to the collectors for their opinions and also for their figures.  They used the finest examples and rewarded those who 'GAVE' them their figures with thank you figures.  Mostly Gold Baron Karza's, altho it is my understanding that at least a couple of collectors may have been given Gold Force Commanders.