Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rivets Next

Well final assembly is done.  I just need to rivet the arms/legs, wash, light detail painting and clear coat.  I wont have finished pics for this weekend, but they will be available before the sale starts.

I under estimated the amount of work I had left, but we're still on schedule overall.  :-)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Crimson Warrior Meets Roboid

Well after this September Sale the next Homeworld Sale will see the Crimson Warrior.  A 3-3/4 King Atlas.  So...with that in mind, having come full circle, Homeworld will be doing a Roboid reboot as well.  Along with Crimson Warrior a S2 Roboid will also be released along with some painted versions of Roboid.

I'll squeeze in the Acroyear arms before that.  Then its on to other Micro Projects.  From that point on I will make the odd 3-3/4" figure here and there until the molds blow out.  Then that's it except for commissions.

 Its been fun, frustrating, maddening and rewarding.  Now to apply what I know to other projects.


I have put up a list of HOMEWORLDS figure prices.  Prices reflect difficulty/time and materials to make each figure.  Prices vary from commission to stock and also reflect advancements made in assembly/engineering.  The less work I have to do, the cheaper I can offer the figures.  Same goes for packaging.  The less I spend on materials, the cheaper I can offer the figures. 

So if a figure drops in price overall,  thats because I found a way to save money on making the figures and have passed that savings on to you.

The price list is standard. 

BUT... each 'SALE' may have additional savings on a specific figure and you will need to check the original 'SALE' posting to see which figures those are.

HOMEWORLDS 1ST SEPTEMBER SALE will have a few figures on 'sale' but you'll have to check the sale posting when it goes up to see which ones they are.









PAINTED: $64.99

Some details are painted on each figure.  However a full painted figure is exactly that.  The entire figure is painted.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Painted Figures

Well, unfortunately its too late to include in Homeworlds 1st September Sale, but there was enough interest that I will be offering fully painted figures at a cheaper price than color cast figures. 

Homeworld will have painted figures available as an alternate choice for the next sale when Ronin or the Crimson Warrior-not sure which yet- is released.


I should have all the figures drilled, washed and assembled by this weekend and detailed by next weekend for the photoshoot..  Things are looking good.  That gives me a week to settle things in for the sale.

There is the odd figure or two...I'll think of keeping, but then go...I can make myself another later...but that never seems to happen.  lol.

But there are a few that I have kept for myself that I am especially proud of.

S2 Roboids/Variants Price Reduction

I haven't settled on final prices yet.  Im focusing on finishing figures.

But I can say with certainty that S2 Roboids and variants will be cheaper than S1. 

Homeworld figures no longer have packaging.  Also, S2 Roboids/Deimos figures have the chest canopy glued in.  S1 Roboids/Variants have the chest Canopy "Screwed" in.  I have eliminated the screw and the associated work that goes with it.  Any chance I can get I will use it to lower the prices.

So the prices on the S2 Roboids/Variants and Deimos figures will be reduced accordingly.

Packaging will be reserved for EXCLUSIVE projects.

I'll be posting a price list soon not just for this sale but for stock and commissions as well.

Monday, September 11, 2017


September Sale....Im hoping to make this an annual event where I would offer up the customs/projects from the past year.  It seems like a bit of a wait I know, but I need time to make stuff and it gives me somewhat of a time table to keep me focused.

This is Homeworlds 1st September Sale.  Unlike past figure reveals, this sale is not limited to just the release of one figure...but several figures including the release of an additional figure.  JADE.

It will be Homeworlds biggest and most diversified figure sale to date. 


Re: The September Sale...***Important***

Now...I am not HASBRO.  I do not have the ability or the resources to crank out 5000 figures.  For me...30 figures constitutes an immense amount of time and work.  And with there being a few One-Off Custom Custom makes it hard to ensure figures for everyone.  So I hope you can understand the following caveat.

Homeworld September Sale Custom Figures will be limited to 1 figure per person for the first seven days from Friday September 29/17 until Thursday October 5/17.  After that, there is no limit. 

Due to the extreme limited nature/exclusiveness of the figures being offered, payment will be expected within 3 days.  Its unfair to hold figures. 

IF...You think you might be purchasing a second figure following the 1 figure/per person 1st week limit, I am willing to hold paid figures and combine shipping.  Sales over $100 (not including shipping) receive a MIB Hero Space Glider while supplies last.  Also, I am willing to postpone shipping until after Give-A-Way Draw. THE WHAT???  Keep reading.

Pricing will be consistent with past figures...Although there will be SALE PRICING on certain items.  A complete list of figures and figure pricing will be with Homeworld's September Sale Notice September 29/17.  I'll try to have it available before then and will post it prior to the sale if so.

Prices reflect lack of packaging.  Packaging is now reserved for EXCLUSIVE PROJECTS.  September Sale figures will be nicely packed in appropriately sized zip-lock baggies.

JADE: Jade is my customer appreciation sale figure.  If you send me a picture that only you could possibly take, of Homeworld figures you will get 5% off per figure you own on Jade to a maximum 25% off.

The exchange rate is making it possible for me to offer some additional savings, so I will apply this savings to shipping costs.  Expect lower than normal shipping rates.  Homeworld gives an automatic 5% discount on all shipping.

All figures sold come with Homeworlds Figure Warranty and Guarantee.

ALL TRANSACTIONS HANDLED THROUGH PAYPAL.  I will accept personal checks if need be but would prefer keeping it to Paypal.  Homeworld does NOT accept money orders of any kind.

Homeworld does not use chemicals or ACETONE. Sanding is all done dry.  Figures are cleaned and washed with a non abrasive mild dish soap...Dawn.


Saturday, September 9, 2017


OK...I made a couple of extra figures for HOMEWORLDS September Sale.  So Im sanding tonight and tomorrow.  Next week I resume assembly.  Detailing/clear coating the following week.  A few days for everything to settle and Final QC...

HOMEWORLDS  September Sale will officially kick off Friday September 29/17  6 PM Pacific Time.

More details to come, but the Sale Date is officially set.

This will be HOMEWORLDS largest Magno Conversion to 3 3/4" Figures Action Figure Sale Ever.

With 30+ figures and a little bit of everything past and the FEATURED release of JADE!!!  A 3 3/4" Green Baron custom figure.  Bryan helped out by modeling the holder for the missiles.


YOU WONT WANT TO MISS IT!  With newer projects on the immediate horizon, there's no guarantee when you'll get another chance to get past figures and present one off customs.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


There is enough demand for clear and black Acroyear arms that I will make them after Septembers Sale is over.

My clear urethane is NOT like the clear Palisades clear.  I have less air bubbles, my casts are more clear and my casts are NOT brittle. 

It is my belief that the excessive cracking of the clear plastics used by Palisades figures can be attributed to the hardening agent or an improper ratio favoring an increase in the hardening agent to decrease curing time.

I will make both black and clear arm sets for vintage Acroyears made by both MEGO  and Palisades.  NOT Acroyear II arms.  The clear arms will be urethane.

Prices to be determined. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017



BUGGER.  TO MY SURPRISE, HE WAS WELL RECIEVED TO THE POINT I WILL BE MAKING A FEW FOR SALE.  Some changes will be in effect for the final design.  Like no hardware and/or O rings.



Due to the ease of being able to cash a money order and the lack of seller protection provided, HOMEWORLD does **NOT** Accept Money Orders of any kind. 

HOMEWORLD accepts Paypal and if that's not available to you then we also accept personal checks.  But we do NOT accept money orders of any kind.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


I'm getting ready for final assembly on figures for Septembers Sale on Homeworld.

Im actually quite excited as there is a little bit of everything from Clear Urethane figures, Roboid Variants, S2 Overlords, Deimos, S2 Flight Commander, Sultan, Jade and a few one off variants.
The diversity of the figures has made this quite fun. Im not sure when I'll be able to offer this range of figures again. Maybe a few more when I release Ronin (3-3/4" KA), but once Ronin is released... Im not goin to be devoting much time to these figures if I ever want to get other projects completed.
I do have a mess of parts to keep me going and have fun with however.

Estimated Sale Date: Somewhere between September 21 -September 30. Sale runs until they are all sold.

This bad boy, a clear orange Flight Commander, still needs a wash, detailing and cleat coat. Detailing with white accents. One of the figures being offered up for sale at Homeworlds 1st September Sale!

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Every once in a while I come across a project that's worth doing as it helps others restore their figures.  This is one of those projects.  Since NAIT cancelled the program I was enrolled in, I'll have some down time and saw a few people asking about CLEAR Acroyear arms which was answered with a Hell Yeah and a FN Hell Yeah for Black arms.

I have a post on Facebook gauging interest.  If you haven't seen or replied to it and are able...please click "HOT" below this post if this interests you.  If I can get at least 10 people wanting sets...between here and Facebook...I'll make them.

Im going to have a diminished Facebook presence for the next few weeks as I get everything ready.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


This is the part of casting I 'REALLY' love.  When you get down to the final stages of assembly of the last few figures.  Seeing the end in sight and looking at everything you made.

No, Im not sharing pics at this point...Not yet.  :-)


I use different resins for different purposes.  While yes, it is quite possible to make fully functional figures from one particular resin, here are some of the reasons why I use multiple resins.

I don't like painting.  So for parts where I use tinting or dyes, I use color accepting resins.  Resin color depends a lot on the resin you use,  For example, white resin requires a lot of dye to achieve the desired color because you have to 'overcome' the white.  If you use an insufficient amount of dye, you get a pastel color.  Pink instead of red.

Articulation for mating parts where practical.  This is actually quite important.  While it hasn't been an issue so far, it is best to use different resins for mating parts that articulate.  If the material of a peg is identical to the material surrounding the hole it goes into, the similarities of both could contribute to the peg essentially welding itself into the hole.  In industry, pins are never the same material for that exact reason.  One is usually softer metal to prevent this.  Its why Homeworld has recently changed to  urethane arm pins and a different resin for the torso.

Some resins have longer or shorter pot life.  I vary between each depending on how many molds or how intricate a mold is.  If Im pouring a lot, I use longer pot life resins.

Some resins are harder when cured than others.  But the harder they are, the more brittle they become. 

Some resins can handle higher heat temperatures than others like the black onyx.

And then there are resins that handle paint better than others.

Before you buy your resin, talk to your local retailer and discuss your project and needs with him to help you select the resin that is best for your project.

September Sale On Track

The  Nait cancellation of my classes has thrown September into a bit of an unknown, and I have had certain events to consider as well...

September Sale will Begin either the 3rd or 4th week of September.  Im hesitant to pick a specific dates as I put the final touches on assembly.

But we're rockin'!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I knew it was bad news.  No one phones me.  I don't own a cell phone and my land line was ringing.  It was just after 8 am. 

Great start to the day.  NAIT  Administration calling to inform me the CNC Programming courses I was enrolled in had been cancelled.  Slated to start Sept. 5.   Next week. 

Im 50.  Not the kind of news I wanted to hear.  I love my job and have no desire to quit, but this significantly hurts my opportunities at my age.  Im not getting younger and my shelf life is getting shorter daily.  For perspective...its been 15 years since Palisades released their Micronauts.  In 14 years, I'll be retired.

Good news I suppose if you want to make gives me more time to work on the figures for September's Sale.

Monday, August 21, 2017

BLUE JADE-WTF? are reading that right.  Blue Jade...not...Blue Jay.  Kinda like...Black Red Falcon.

When I was making Jade casts, I accidentally grabbed blue instead of the green.  All the casts turned out good.  So there is a very good chance a rare blue Jade figure will make Septembers Sale if I can sand it in time.

We just got back from a week in the Rockies where upon I spent most of that sanding.  I took all my casts, files, rivets etc along.  I do have some extra parts to make but Im almost done sanding and ready to start drilling, fitting and riveting.


Monday, August 14, 2017


Or maybe its...Off Course.

2 months ago I was worried about my job because it was so slow.  Now we are so busy, I have been turning down overtime because is interfering with my September Sale.

I have been working 10's and weekends.  That's put me a little behind...but Im taking everything with me on my vacation.    I not much behind...I have 8 figures left to assemble.  Maybe 3 figures behind.

I can easily make that up while camping.  :-)

Sunday, August 6, 2017


A little bit on Homeworld's Figures.
Series 1

All of Homeworld's figures are hand made.  While I may have the Master 3D printed,  Homeworld does not 3D print any of its parts.  In fact, some of the masters needed were so small they could not be printed and had no choice but to be made by hand.

Molds are made.  Casts are made.  Casts are sanded and holes are drilled.  Parts are washed and assembled.  Light detail painting and then clear coated.

All molds and casts are pressurized to 55 PSI.  Casting requires a minimum of 30 PSI to be effective.

Homeworlds figures are heavier than printed figures the same size.  My cast parts do not float in water.  I use water to help check my parts.  If a cast part floats,  its garbage.  It means it has an air bubble in it.

Series 1 and Series 2 figures have slight differences.  Series 1 figures feature a matching glider pack.

  Series 2 figures feature a missile pack in place of the glider pack.  Glider Packs have been phased out and are no longer available.
Series 2 figures now feature clear urethane shoulder pins.  A feature that will be permanent for all future figures.

All figures carry Homeworld's 90 Day Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty*

I know of no other Indy Toy maker in the world who offers this kind of guarantee. 

Im committed to making the best figure I can.  One that you will be proud to both own and display.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Im on the fence with full urethane figures...they take twice as long to build.

In regards to anything else available for Septembers Sale...Sale start date expecting to be Sept 15/17.  Date is subject to change but looking real good at this point.

There will be no packaging and no artwork.  All NON urethane figures will be $75.00

JADE will also be $75.00 but there is a Customer Loyalty Sale also.  Anyone who purchases Jade, sends me a picture of themselves posing with any of my past releases will get 5% off on JADE per figure they own to a maximum of 25%...If you have 4 of my figures...that's 20% off JADE.

Im looking at $125-$140 for Full Urethane figures.  I haven't settled on full urethane prices yet.  Resin, Silicone and Rivets have all gone up in the last year.

Expect that all NON urethane figures (3 3/4")  will be $75 now and in the future.

Shipping not included.

Urethane is much harder to work with and the molds break down after 5 or 6 figures, sometimes less.  Hence why I have to charge more.

With proper care, I can get 15-20 figures from my molds with full resin figures.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I didn't start out saying...Im gonna make this many of "x" for the September Sale.

There were a couple of experiments that went well enough to see them to fruition.  There were some figures I simply wanted to make.

And one of them gave me some issues matching a red tint over the last 2 days.  Every time I thought I had the shade right, it would be off enough to notice.  Really wanting to make this particular figure in a particular color, I chased the tint.  3 pours later and a shitload of wasted tinted parts, I got it.


I am officially done pouring for any more figures.  I might have a part or two to make but otherwise all the parts are made...and I cant believe Im smiling as I say this because it takes me 6-8 hours to finish a figure from this point...


As a side note, there will only be 10 Jade figures being made for Septembers Sale.  If by chance that isn't enough, I will make the figures necessary to ensure those that want...get.  The price will be the same.  Pricing to be announced with the Official September Sale notice.


Well kind of ot.  I do consider my car blog related.

My car...Priss...yes I name my toys...comes in at around 2900-3000 lbs and has a shorter wheelbase than most.  A co worker likes his rice burners and once you add all the technology and turbo, his car came in at around 3600 lbs.

I wondered why the Javelin wasn't used in more movies.  Then I saw production numbers and that's probably a good reason why.

On my Sunday morning drive I had some unintentional fun.  The car has power.  Big time.  I lose my tires turning a corner naturally without trying.  Well it happened again this morning but this time I thought I would have fun with it.

The Javelin...can drift.  And very well and very easily. 
I'll be buying new tires this winter. 


If they are tinted...I throw them out.  Especially red parts.  Red is the HARDEST color to match.  I have 3 little part bins.  ALL DIFFERENT SHADES OF RED or pink.   Red mismatch tints show up more than the rest it seems.  At least to me.  You make a part...just ONE cast fails...its ALL garbage.  I could try and match it up later...but that could take 3 or 4 or more attempts chasing a color for ONE part.  Im better off throwing them all out and trying a complete pour all over. Im just wasting the mold among other things.

I have a whole tray of mismatched color parts...and the colors cant be matched up to other colors because the tints are specific.  I could make a yellow and blue figure for instance, but the shade of blue doesn't look good with the particular shade of yellow. 

I had thought of having a cast sale.  25 cents a part or something stupid crazy like that...but unless you have a rivet squeezer or all the other specific parts, my extra cast parts are no good to you.

So yeah...I have been throwing out the extra colored parts.  Pure white, pure black and clear parts I do keep for later use because they always match up.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


For the past month I have been cranking out parts for this years September Sale.  Outside of some missile packs I will be doing my last pour in half an hour.  At which point sanding begins.

Because I don't wear latex or plastic gloves, I never sand after a pour.  If resin gets on my hands it attracts dirt which can be transferred.  So I don't do any sanding until all the parts are poured and all traces of resin scrubbed from my hands.

I've had green fingernails for the last week. 

Everythings looking good.  There are no issues and I appear to be on pace for September.  :-)


MAN...never fails.  After 11 years of searching and figuring I would never complete the Cavellari Stellari magno set...I sold them.  A month later, the ones I needed to complete the set showed up on Ebay.  There are many other examples like this I could list.

Now at the age of 50 with no kids I have begun the irreversible breakdown of my collection.  Saving selling off my most prized items last.  Among these are my carded Micronaut Aliens.  I have the standard 6 but always wanted to get all 9 Micronaut Carded Aliens.  7-8-9 being Membros Orange Brain-Repto Orange Brain and Antron Dark green brain.

Now I have the chance to get an Orange brain Membros MOC.  NOW?  If I buy it Im committed to looking for the Repto and Antron Alternates as well.  To what end?  I would inevitably have to sell it in a few years.  Basically teasing myself then going through a death watch knowing it will eventually have to be sold and just deciding when.

And if I did buy it, I probably will never get the remaining 2 alternates because that's just how collecting works.  The moment you decide what you want it becomes unavailable.  If you don't need it, its there.

So Im going to watch it get sold to someone else.  And its killing me.  Its only the 3rd one I have ever seen and its in the best shape.  As soon as it sells, then one or both of the remaining 2 carded alternates will also appear. 

Its law.  You know its going to happen.  SIGH!

What to Expect in Septembers Sale

What can you expect to see in Homeworlds 1st ever September Sale?

S1 and S2 Sultan variants
A S2 Flight Commander
S2 Overlords
FULL urethane figures
Custom Roboids
Custom Flight Commanders

Im busting my nuts for this sale.  If...IF I can put out...I might be able to swing Ronin...but we'll see what happens first.  If there is time...I'll try to squeeze Ronin in.

Im saving pics for a sensory overload post.  :-)  Im such a tease.  Well that and most of these are in various stages of production.

This Septembers Sale will likely be the best chance to get various one off figures.  Once Ronin (3 3/4" King Atlas) is done, I will be focusing on different Micro projects and variants of past figures will be tapering off drastically. 

I am very proud to announce my warranty record on my 3 3/4" figures.
Flight Commander-1

Sunday, July 23, 2017

PRICES-Stock VS Commission

In case some of you are wondering...stock prices are cheaper than commission. 

By 'stock' price I mean what I have currently available.  Its already made.  You don't have to wait for me to make it.

Commission prices are more expensive because I make brand new molds for every commissioned figure.

Stock figures are limited to what I have available where as you can commission most anything you want.

Stock figures are usually available once a year.  Commissions are available at any time.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

No Casting Video's Yet.

Well...I had everything ready.  Scripted and pre poured.  But I cant work the camera.  It kept timing out.  I can program a CNC but cant work a NIKKON.  I need a simple point and click, but point and clicks suck.  They take shit close ups and video's.

Im lucky Im able to take the few good pics I do take and even then I delete 10 pics for every one I keep.

So until I can find a camera that is STUPID FRIENDLY, Im sorry, there are no video's.  :-(

Sorry, Im just frustrated that camera's get the best of me.  I'll get the thing figured out because Im pissed at it and its a matter of principle.  But I had everything set up perfectly for the shoot.   So Im a little put out. 

There is ALOT to think about and do for a video.  Its ALOT of work. 


As I have no idea how many of you are going to want missile packs, Im making a small number of individual missile packs for Septembers Sale.  If more are required, I can make more. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Septembers Sale Info

This September's Sale will be unlike any I have held so far.  In that there is no one particular figure being offered.  Customs of past figures and a few regular ones will all be offered at once.

However, I am not HASBRO.  Im not cranking out 5000 figures.  I'll have around 30.  ANd some are One Offs.

So to be fair to everyone, for the FIRST week/7 days Purchases will be limited to one figure.  2 figures if the second figure is Jade.  After the first 7 days, the limit will be removed. 

For those who plan to buy or might want to exceed the limit, I  will be willing to combine shipping if you don't mind the 7 day wait until the limit is lifted.

While prices haven't been set, the lack of packaging and time spent packaging will put the price around $75 US plus $12.50 S/H fully tracked.  UK  $30.  Full Urethane figures will be available as well.  Prices on full urethane TBD.

Im expecting to have everything ready for the 15th of September however the date might change by a few days depending on how everything goes setting up.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Myself, I would rather have one huge air bubble than a tiny one.  A big air bubble can be easily fixed or altered for a custom project.  Small holes mean a lot of work for little compensation.  In most cases its probably easier to throw the cast away and simply make another.  When dealing with tinted parts, its particularly problematic. 

But "IF" you can manage to match the tint or are dealing with a standard color resin, the best way that I have found to fix a air bubble hole in a cast is to build up a small wall around the hole with clay.  Then fill it up.  You peel away the clay and a little bit of light sanding and Viola.

Of course, if the bubble is in an extremely sensitive or high detail area, it might be best to just make a new one.

If the bubble is in an unobstructed part of a mold channel, then cut out te bad area, reseat in mold and finish filling the mold.  This method works great for making multiple color custom parts.
Im going to peel away the clay and sand everything back down.  The detail is simple so it wont even show when done.
Here is a photo of a failed HEAD cast.  I poured the resin in too fast.  This created an air bubble that prevented the mold from filling all the way.  Thinking it was full, I pressurized it.  I cut out the bad part, re-inserted the cast back into the mold and poured in more resin to complete the fill.  This can  be done with exact color match resins.  You wont even see a blend line unless you are using different colors like I did in the above picture.


I will have all the parts for the 10 Jade figures for Septembers Sale made by tomorrow and then I need 2 days to put one together.  If demand for Jade exceeds production, I will take orders.

Ronin...3 3/4" King Atlas wont get started until January.  I will be attending NAIT from Sept 28 until Dec 21 for CNC Programming.

Then full out production on Marauder 5" and LOBSTROS. 

Im excited.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Pot life (refresher) is the term given for the allowable time to manipulate your resin.  It starts from the second you combine the 2 compounds.  Pot Life varies from resin to resin.  Please refer to your specific products for actual Pot Life times. 

15 seconds is a long time when referring to Pot Life.  And it still goes just as fast.  So you need to be organized and efficient.  No wasted movements. 

One way to gain yourself a bit of extra Pot Life time...

Smooth On products, the way the instructions are read, you might think to add "A" to "B".  But you don't have to.  It doesn't matter if A gets poured into B or the other way around.  And this can be applied to the silicone for making the molds as well.

POUR THE THINNER OF THE 2 COMPOUNDS INTO THE THICKER ONE.  You waste time trying to get every drop from the thicker compound into the mix.

And doesn't matter if you stir clockwise or counter clockwise.  Just mix well.  Always.  That's where most of peoples problems happen.  Insufficient mixing due to panick over pot life and pouring everything before the resin/silicone starts to cure.  ever over extend yourself by trying to get too much done.  One bumped mold can throw your timing right out the window.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Tinting is always tricky.  Manually, its an art.  But every once in a while...things go right.  3 drops of green tint with one particular full measuring apparatus gives me the color I want for Jade with just enough resin to pour every mold needed for him.  I don't have to waste time/resources trying to find the right shade. I lucked out first try.  I'll have all my parts made by this weekend.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Septembers Sale Looking Good

I have 12 more figures I would like to get finished for Septembers Sale.  I have the parts made for 3 of them.  Im hoping by the weeks end to have all the parts made.

If I can get them done in time, I might try to squeeze in Ronin.  We'll see.

Im signed up for CNC courses at NAIT from September 28-Dec 21/ I wont be getting much casting done if any between Oct 1 and Christmas.  So Im going to see if my time frame and commitment will allow it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

NowOn Facebook

I am now officially on Facebook.  With the upcoming conclusion of the 3 3/4" figures being Jade and Ronin, new figures/vehicles and Marauder, Im hoping to reach a larger audience.  I cant always have things to discuss and it could be months before anything relevant gets discussed, so its nice to be able to raise awareness elsewhere that something's going on here when it does happen. 

Its easy to forget about little sites like Homeworld if they don't have a different daily topic to discuss.

I've caved to their rules and have signed in under my name not Gold Dober.

 I'll be keeping my feeds to toy related topics.  Im staying away from the news feed unless its toy related as well. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Effective July 1st 2017, Ebay Canada will be subject to 5% GST by Revenue Canada for its Canadian operations.  Like any entity, Ebay passes this 5% GST ( Goods and Services Tax) onto Canadian Ebay sellers.  It is already very hard for Canadians to sell on Ebay.  There is no audience so items sell for nothing if they sell at all.

Whats PayPal...3%?  I'm gonna check, but we'll call it at 3%.  Ebay "TOY" category is 9% and that is 9% of the auction selling price AND the shipping cost.  GST currently at 5%.


Here's a cut/paste from the email I received from Ebay on the subject...

As announced in our Summer Update, eBay Canada Limited will become the contracting party for Canadian residents and businesses on July 1st, 2017. As a Canadian corporation, eBay Canada Limited is subject to Canadian tax law and will be required to charge sales tax (GST/HST/QST) on eBay fees.
The applicable sales tax will be determined based on your registered eBay address and taxes payable will be detailed in your monthly invoice.
**Note** Your July invoice may include fees for services provided prior to July 1, 2017. These will be billed on behalf of eBay International AG and will not include GST/HST/QST.
For more information, see our 2017 Summer Seller Update.
As always, thank you for selling on eBay!

As always, just trying to keep everyone informed.   17%...I am loathe to do it, but for 14 cents on the dollar, I'll join Facebook. 

I cant pass 5% on to my Ebay buyers.  I wont have any.  So I'll be forced to eat the additional 5% charge in exchange for a larger audience.  Im not above paying my fair share of taxes, and I know everyone complains about taxes...but Canadians are really overtaxed.  For instance...did you know that the price per liter of gas at the pimps here in Canada includes the price of the gas and all provincial taxes added together.  This total is then subject to an additional 5% GST.  Essentially and factually, we are being taxed ON a tax. 

Try doing that anywhere else.  Go Canada, Yeah Team. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Happy 150th Canada Day to everyone it applies to. 

In today's news, the Prime Minister during a live speech wished every province individually a Happy Canada Day.  He never mentioned Alberta. 

However an honest slip it was, given that Alberta pretty much hates Trudeau, and the political animosity between Alberta and Ontario and Quebec,  it will only fuel the conspiracy theories and political rift between Alberta and Ottawa even though Trudeau later apologized for his gaff.

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada.
Toronto is the Capital of Ontario.  But they think of themselves as the center of the universe.

I personally think Trudeau is an idiot.  He won the election off of his father's political career and name.  Justin didn't take Political Science.  He is a DRAMA TEACHER by education.  He has never had to apply himself for anything.  He refuses to take a stand or fight for anything.  Listen to his interviews.  He takes the path of least resistance to all facets of his life.  In short...he's lazy.  He' never worked a day in his life or worked for anything for that matter.


And the son of a bitch will win the next Federal Election because the other 2 parties have no one to run against him capable of winning public support.  No one people can recognize and associate with.  So he'll win by name recognition and voter default.

My dislike for Justin Trudeau (THE POLITICIAN) stems from the fact, and it is fact, that Trudeau has little opinion for Western Canada, in particular Alberta.  He's on record saying so.  Not that he realized it, but there are several recorded instances where Justin Trudeau has voiced his disdain for Western Canada.  His policies back this up.

As PM  of Canada, it is his responsibility to treat all of Canada equally without personal bias.  Something he isn't doing.  Sorry for the political rant.

Anyway...its Canada Day.  Enjoy the weekend and all the festivities across the country. 



Saturday, June 24, 2017


Its scary right now.  Fracking can break even on $15/barrel.  The US has close to 6000 drilled wells just sitting there waiting to 'turn the tap'.  Oilsands need around $42.  Where it is now.  11 years on the job with every department except the machine shop taking layoff.  The machine shop runs on a skeleton crew.  There is no one to lay off.  If they lay off a single person, they would have to lay off an entire shift. 

We haven't had a raise in 4 years and looks like we will be taking significant wage cuts next fall if we don't lose our jobs.  So Im taking upgrade courses this fall at Nait in CNC programming.  I know how to program, I just need more practice and knowledge of 'little tricks'.  At least this way if I lose my job, I can still get a job programming.  Its much easier (for me anyway) than 3D modelling and would allow me to move anywhere in the world with my 30+ years of machining experience.

But I said it 15 years ago.  Recessions are good for creativity.  People dig down into what the can to pay the bills.  They devote more time to their customs or creative side to pay the bills as there is ore time to give because they aren't working.  But its not guaranteed and the moment a "job" becomes available they take it and have no more time for customs.  Which can really suck from the consumers end. 

As I get older, my job security becomes shakier as my shelf life is limited.  I no longer am part of the future.  The current economy doesn't give me any faith that I will be able to retire with this company much as I hope to.  So...I need to be ready and more flexible.  AND...after 15 years...Im no longer taking those dam T-4's.  You know...those mood altering crazy pills.  Its like a fog has been lifted from my head. 

As I get older,,,expect more and more devotion to my craft as I plan to make custom figures my retirement career. That's only 13-14 years away.  Palisades Micronauts came out 15 years ago if that helps with perspective. 

Its just prudent planning.


A friend of mine who runs the blog The Chest Engine recently commissioned a few  Magno Heads from me and was having some custom fun with them. 

I really like the Palisades Clear magno's.  Too bad the plastic is so brittle.  But for people like myself and a few others they are the most perfect magno for customizing because the color possibilities are endless if you have any customizing abilities.  I myself kept 4 clear Palisades Clear/black BK sets for customizing a set in a particular color for myself.  Clear with metallized blue accents.

UNFORTUNATELY...these were the last heads I am able to make.  My molds have expired and I sold all my Emperors and King Atlas/Green Barons.  So I don't have a master available to remake the mold.  But if I had one, I could make more.

And here is what their owner over at The Chest Engine ( I really need to update my HOT LIST) did with them.  Thanks to The Chest Engine for the pics.

I love knowing I was able to help someone make customs like these. 
AWESOME PICS and thanks again to The Chest Engine for the pics.

More information on the making of these figures can be found over at 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back-Rocky Mountains...AGAIN!

The Rocky Mountains.  I love them.  After buying (read financed) my wife a Trailer/Toy Hauler/RV last year, we have been making the most of both the trailer and our close proximity to the Rockies.   It takes us 3 1/2 hrs to reach th Rockies.  We try to go once a month.  I can only book holidays on day shift and a leave Friday night come back Sunday isn't worth my time.  That's a tease.

We left last Wednesday and got back today.  Preachers Point is Crown land along the North Saskatchewan River which means its an open campground  No services.  We pick a new site every time we go.  There are miles of potential sites.  Some get flooded out by the end of the summer as glacier melting raises the river by then.

Wildlife count was 1 black bear, 1 moose, 1 doe, 2 geese, 1 gosling and 1 possibly 2 chipmunks.

I bought another knife.  A real nice ebony handled 'Buck' Knife.  75th anniversary don't ya know.  I didn't either.  But its a dam good knife.

There is a nice mountain behind us.  I made out like Tom Cruise with nothing but my knife and started climbing.  It was more of an advanced hike climbing escarpments of 60 degrees or better.  An hour later realizing I was getting perilously close to not being able to get down, I turned around and realized I was a good 300 ft up and looking at a long tumble down.  This is not a Hollywood movie.  I had to do an inverted crab walk down on my hands and feet.  There was no way I would be able to simply stand up and walk down.  Later after getting back to the campsite and a nice long walk I found another horse trail that would provide relative safety to the top of the lowest part of the mountain I was trying to get to with my straight on approach.  It'll take a few extra hours, but I wont drop dead of a heart attack.  I fail to realize Im 50...not 15.  At least once I thought I was dying.

Today, I can barely walk.  My thighs hurt like hell and now both my shoulders are buggered.  But the left one is only sore from being used in ways its not used to.  :-)

Back to reality.  Work starts at 7:30 am tomorrow.  And so does making figures.  Back to getting ready for Septembers Sale.

Im looking forward to Septembers Sale.  Then I can finish Ronin and move on to making custom figures/vehicles.  No more production runs.  Make a couple to feed my desire and move on.  No rush, no schedules. 

Just good old fashioned Hobby Fun!

Monday, June 12, 2017

11 NEW MICRONAUTS SELL FOR $90...$8.00/Figure

1 Prince Acroyear, 2 DD Ex Acroyears, 2 Error and 1 correct Bioscan Membros, 1 black Membros, 1 Time Medic, 1 extra pod, 1 clear TT, 1 red Brain retro and 1 purple Centaur.

$90...that's $8.00 per figure

My Chess Set parts, only sold for $20

At least a couple of people got some decent deals. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Its time for Canada Post to close its doors...PERMANENTLY.

The problem...their union, overpaid workers and an unsustainable pension package.

Its bad enough out of 35 million people...Im one of 100,000 who had door service cancelled.  I have already had my super mailbox broke into.

NOW...I have a small fortune in hockey cards.  How is it, I can buy a hockey card from the US and have it shipped tracked for less than $5.00 when it costs me $12.50 to send the VERY SAME package to the US?

Who in their right mind is going to spend $12.50 for shipping on a product of equal or less value?

That's a $10 (Can) difference.  I might as well throw these hockey cards in the garbage then because the US is my biggest customer next to the UK,

If CANADA POST cant compete then they need to close its doors because I am sick of my tax dollars subsidizing it.  My tax dollars are going to their over inflated union pension fund and killing any chance of me opening a business that involves shipping.

Its no wonder Canada is going to hell in a hand basket. We can only afford to do business with ourselves.  Its no wonder why businesses are leaving or failing completely in Canada.


That's not tongue in cheek either.  All one has to do is look at Canada's policies and central focus political system.  I might as well be in China.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Sadly, time advances for us all and has claimed Adam West best known as the original Batman at the age of 88 after a battle with leukemia.

The 60's TV show with the POW and KA BAM taking over the screen subtly hiding the violent scenes from kids.  Clever.  Epic even.  A classic for every kid of the 60's/70's

Another time.  Its stories now buried in the bowels of history.

A sad reminder that time...leaves no one behind. 

Im deeply saddened by this.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


The sale of my Magno figures contributed to my buying "Priss".  That's what I call my car.  The Purple Emperor Prototype was the centerpiece of my magno collection for a long time.

My car, a 1972 AMC AMX Javelin is Plum Crazy Purple.  The female to Emperor is Empress.  Priss for short.

And it has more in common with the Magno figures than I thought.  The seat belts when not in use are held in place in the centre console by...Magnets.

Having bought the car last fall, I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy it.  It didn't feel like my car.

It does now.  While I do miss my figures, I have no regrets.  This is my dream car.  From the moment I sat in one when I was 17.  I have to be careful though.  This car has the 401...a beefed up 390 on steroids with a Carter 625.  It may be an automatic, but its a monster.  The 4 barrels kicking in at 60 MPH...I leave my tires on the road.  And the car is very light.  3000 lbs and a short wheelbase.
Im loving it.

Micronauts on Ebay

I'll post the link here in a bit.  Ima little tired right now. 

I have an 11 figure Micronauts lot up on Ebay.  Palisades Acroyears both Prince and 2-Devils Due, both Embassy Bioscans but there are 2 of the Error version, Time Medic, Clear TT, Red Brain and Purple Centaurs.  An extra time medic pod. A black Membros but he has no claws and has been sitting displayed on my shelf for years.  An exta Time Medic Pod and even the signed packaging from the Palisades Staff if you want it

All are 100% complete and in great shape.  I just opened them.  The Time Medic obviously has o ring melting issues.

Under Ebay ID: t-551  if you cant wait for the link.

Auction scheduled for 5 pm Pacific time Monday June 5 and will run for 7 days.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

MAGNETO...Can He???

I was watching X Men Apocalypse when Eric takes down the Russian Officers for killing his wife/daughter.   He then uses his daughters chain to kill all the officers.  It flies from his hand and when done returns to his hand.

How does Magneto's power work?

Magneto, is a play on the word Magnetic.  What would happen if the metal he was trying to manipulate was 316 Stainless Steel?  316 SS is NON MAGNETIC.

Would he still be able to manipulate a non magnetic metal?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chess Set Parts Lot Sold for $20

Wow.  I spent close to $1000 on figures for the set.  There was also a lot of Urethane cast parts. 

$20...for everything.

Someone got a great deal!   Well done Keith.  :-)

Monday, May 29, 2017



Im pissed about this.  It isn't right.  Male oriented institutions of learning are being forced to go co ed.  The males WANT a male only institution because of claims of sexual harassment.  Just the claim alone is enough to ruin a future career regardless of its validity.  Yet more and more are forced to accept female students. 

To date...not a single female only institution of learning has been forced to go co ed.


Im not a Gal Gadot (sp?) fan to begin with.  I wont stoop to telling you what I thought about her BEFORE this incident, let alone now.  I was willing to give this movie a shot even though I think the CGG in the trailers is enough to turn any one away from the movie.

But now...Im pissed.  Really pissed.  She just hit my all time hatred level.  Yep...she's right up there with liver and cooked spinach.

Its out right gender discrimination.  Im glad they killed her off in FF because she is now banned in my house.  We will not buy any DVD's, attend any movies that she performs in or contribute to causes she endorses. I can enjoy the rest of the movie series.

What message are they sending to young women?  You set any respectable feminism progress considerably back.  You can now open your own doors, pay for your own cabs and buy your own drinks. 

You lost my support with your double standard.  I can't take your complaints seriously anymore when you pull stunts like this.  So now they fall on deaf ears.  Don't ask me to sign any petitions.

My boycott wont affect anything, but this kind of negativity cant be good on any level.

I will not be buying, reviewing or endorsing the reboot of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot or any merchandise there of.  

Its all I can do.  Really...there is nothing right about this, and no valid reason to justify this.  This isn't right by any stretch of the imagination.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Calgon Take Me Away

C' know you're laughing because you remember the jingle and the stereotype of the commercial.  But its how I feel.  I am so sore and stiff.  If you are 40 or might not get it.

Two straight weekends plus a few hours after work and I have virtually all my yard work done save for the drainage ditch around the garage and levelling my sidewalk and enlarging my patio.  The roof isn't included in this list but its on this summer's agenda.  I finished chopping all my wood and this years yard refuse.  Last weekend was last years yard refuse.  You don't burn green wood so I need to let it dry before I can burn it.  I got ALL the dandelions I could find...MUWAHAHA...

So...with 65% of my summer work done by the end of May...Im laughing.

I have about 15 figures needing detailing and clear coating.  Another 3 to finish.  And Jade figures to start now.

Missile packs.   Here's the plan.  Missiles...WILL glued into the holders.  I'll leave that up to you if you want them glued or not.

I havent had time to work on Marauder yet, but the Magno figure is the closest to being finished.  But would still need a couple of weeks of vigilant effort.  So I am leaving it for now.  My focus is on getting the 3 3/4" figures ready for September. 

Things are looking good.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This Weekend-May 26

I'm sorry about not having much Micro related content or much casting information.  I really need to get this yard work done.  Im half finished then I can enjoy the summer and have time to get everything ready for September's Sale.

This September's Sale will most likely be your last chance at getting custom 3 3/4" variants of Sultan/Roboid/Flight Commander and Overlord.  You will still be able to commission customs of past figures or figures you can paint, but Roboid/Sultan/Flight Commander/Overlord in their original colors and packaging are sold out.  I will have one or two of the original figures in the original colors in this September's Sale with no packaging and missile packs instead of glider wings.  I'll also have some of my Microman and Micronauts figures and a few rare and unusual an official Microtron Iron On still in its packaging...for example, available.

Im aiming for 10 Jade figures for Septembers Sale.  If there's time, I'll add 10 Ronin as well.  These figures are: Jade = 3 3/4" Green Baron...Ronin = 3 3/4" King Atlas.  If not, Ronin will be available for Christmas.   Then these figures are available through commission only and only in custom colors.

Im not sure about Steeds.  The Missile packs while scaled accurately are too long to fit on the back of the figure in Centaur form at this size.  Once I figure out how to solve that problem then there is the issue of how much I would have to charge for a Steed and accessories.  There is double the work and resin extra molds and I cant see anyone paying $150 for a 3 3/4" Steed version.   That may or may not include shipping.  Yeah...that's a chunk.  So Im not sure about the Steeds.  If I make them, most likely (but not entirely) they would be for myself.   I still take commissions.  I take commissions on anything I have molds for.

Im feeling like Im held hostage to this Micronaut Project of turning the Micronaut Magno figures into 3 3/4" format.  Its dragging me down.  Im not enjoying making multiple figures.  Im not enjoying making the same figure over and over again with the only difference being the head.  I have made 150+ of the same figures with the only exception to difference being Roboid.  I want to move on to other projects. 

So for the next few weeks, unfortunately, all I have to offer up is a few items for Sale.  Expect a different item offered up every 4 or 5 days.  There are going to be some AWESOME DEALS if you get good timing.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Its been a hectic week and it isn't stopping.  So much to do.  But I ***DID*** get the Micronauts Chess Set dismantled and all the parts on Ebay.  There is also a lot of clear cast parts. 

Below is the link to the Ebay auction which runs 7 days from...well...Now.

Monday, May 22, 2017


A cool movie.  My only dislike is the amount of makeup Jenifer Lawrence wears and the attitude she portrays.  She looks trashy.  Old and bitchy.  Make up should enhance beauty not create it unless its part of the costume and in this case it isn't.

The movie reminds me of the first Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser. 

They introduce some new mutants.  Kill off some of the familiar mutants from 1st Class and fill in some of the blanks to tie in the Patrick Stewart X Men movies.  They fill in the past history of some more memorable mutants like Storm and a few others.

A not bad movie.  The similarities to the Mummy notwithstanding,  Jennifer Lawrence portrayal of Mystique IMO brings the movie down.  Not her acting...the attitude she portrays.  Im finding Im not a Jennifer Lawrence fan.  The more movies she acts in the less I like her.  All she does in Hunger Games is cry and scream so maybe that has something to do with it.

There is very limited involvement of the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in this movie.  The introduction of Quick Silver adds a nice touch of comedy.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Palsades Micro's

PALISADES MICROS...Cant sell them, cant give them away. 

Time to have some fun...

I have 5 red brain and a purple Centaurus, both Bioscans, A prince and a Devils Due Acroyear plus a few TT's....all MOSC...

BACK IN 10 MINUTES...   :-)


The Time Medic was big deal there.  It has the typical o-ring melting problem...The Bioscan Membros...all have loose knees...but the Centaur's and the Acroyears are all in great shape.
These will be on Ebay as a lot...But I'm going to keep a few of the red brains.   My record stands at 46 for a de-carding/opening session.  But this still made the top 5 for number of figures opened in one sitting.  Definitely the most I have opened in the last 10 years.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Peanuts Gang Now Canadian Citizens

How about that Eh?

After getting fired by Met Life...Snoopy flew his Red Baron and Peanuts Gang Canada. 

DHX Media of Halifax, Nova Scotia...bought 80% of the Peanuts brand for a reported $345 Million dollars on Wednesday May 10/17.

Did they come to escape Trump...or because they can actually build an ice rink in their back yard or have a real frozen pond to play hockey on?  Try that in Vegas. 

Now Im sure a lot of my U.S. friends might be down in the dumps about this, however, the Chinese are huge Peanuts fans and were expected to purchase the Peanuts enterprise when the sell off was first announced.

Maybe that puts a little sugar on things?

Friday, May 12, 2017


Stanley Weston, NY native and U.S. Army Vet passed away at the age of 84 May 1 2017.  He created the military doll after watching Barbie's success.  He sold his ideas to Hasbro,  spawning the 1985 cartoon and later a couple of movies with Channing Tatum (2009).

G.I. JOE was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, Rochester N.Y. 2003.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017



It has been reported that Neil Marshall will replace Del Toro and Ron Pearlman will be replaced with David Harbour.  While Pearlman is a fantastic fit for Hellboy, methinks age had something to do with it.  I don't really consider Harbour a solid choice for replacing Pearlman.  He's more of what I would refer to as a solid B lister.  Kinda like Jessica Biel. 

People hate change.  We're lazy.  We like familiarity.  Im a perfect example of that.  If change is to happen we want it to happen on our terms.  But it usually doesn't and we're left wondering why.  And out of respect for past actors of past movies, they never tell you.

Neil Marshall has reportedly signed on writer Aron Eli Coleite (HEROS).  I'll wait for the official review on this one.  I like Del  Torro's take on things.  Sometimes new blood is a good thing.

We'll see.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


This has probably been dissected by Micronaut fans everywhere already, but in case some of you DONT KNOW...

Bill Mantlo was a writer for Marvel back in the 70's.  In the 90's he was permanently disabled by a hit and run driver and his life changed negatively on every level.

Now...25 years later a resurgence of a past character now made popular by the Guardians of the Galaxy movies...Rocket Racoon means Bill can now live somewhat of a more comfortable life outside the hands of a government system which had him penniless and in government care which meant any gifts, memorabilia or assets of any kind had to be sold for his care.

Please click the link below for the compete story. 

Im not ashamed to say I cried my eyes out over this.  Bill's lost 25 years of his life.  He will never get that back or his health.  But now he can at least live in his own house and keep the things which mean something to him instead of being pushed around by the system.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

UK Shipping.

***UK SHIPPING***   

I GROSSLY under estimated the cost of tracking to the UK.  A small box the size of the Roboid box I used is $11.00 (CAN) to the UK or about $8-$8.50 US.  I was only charging (and have been charging) an extra $5.00 over the US shipping price for tracked packages to the UK...its actually $30 US (total) for that parcel to be tracked to the UK including the 5% off on all my tracked packages.  Shipping prices adjusted to match the exchange rate.  I charge actual shipping minus 5% for all tracked packages.  So its not that shipping charges have recently increased a drastic amount.  I was ignorantly under charging for tracked packages to the UK.  I hope you benefitted from my mistake.  Tracked packages to the US are up to $15 for something the size of the Roboid Box weighing under 2.2 lbs or 1 Kilogram.

Im sorry, but the last small package I sent to the UK, was to Jonathon Ross and NEVER made it.  Fortunately it was custom 3 3/4" figures I made and nothing else.  So Im sorry.  I have to put tracking on parcels to the UK now.

 Im giving items 4 or 5 days listing on the blog before it gets pulled if there is no interest.  Surprise Sales only get 48 hours...for a reason.  If you need a little time to save Im ok with holding am item for a limited time. 

Payment options (like time to pay) are available on items of interest.  Email for more information.

Im putting up my remaining Transformers on Ebay.  Nothing special there.  I have more common,  Micronauts starting at $10 and up I'll be listing here soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Microman/Micronaut Groups/Collectors "STILL" The Best

Micropolis Embassy.  Best and foremost Micronaut Collectors group of its time.  Evolved to Facebook, and took their culture with them.  If I didn't have issues with Facebook, I'd be there. 
Microman and Micronaut fans are the politest, respectful and considerate people I have ever met.

Today, I quit the Car Club.  Why?  They didn't measure up to the standards I have come to accept and maybe taken for granted set by Microman/Micronaut Collectors of M.E and Facebook.

While the people in the car club were polite enough...they don't integrate.  In M.E. we had announcements and welcomed newcomers.  We encouraged new members to make themselves known.  This car club doesn't have any online services.  I cant even send out a hi Im a new member email to anyone.  So I have no idea who's who and then have 45 minutes once a month to meet people and establish relationships.  My shiftwork means I haven't made a meeting since November.  I expected an email from the Cub President or rep welcoming me, explaining the club's directives and letting me know what the club resources are as well as their events and functions.  I got nothing.  If I didn't ask, I wasn't told.

I had to ask for the link to the newsletter.  I had to wait almost a month for the next meeting because I wasn't given any info, knew no one and had no way to contact anyone until the next meeting.  I felt unwelcome and that they were only interested in my car.  They complained about members Lone Wolfing.  Showing up at events alone instead of with the Club.  I cant contact anyone and noone contacts me.  How else am I supposed to go to an event except alone?

Considering the reply to my request to cancel my membership was simply...Sure no problem.  Take Care.  Im thinking the decision to leave the Car Club should have been made sooner.  They didn't care or even ask me why I was leaving.  I couldn't help but wonder what this groups plan in 10 years is?  With the average age of members observed to be around 65...half will be dead and the other half senile in 10 years.  These guys are running this group like its 1998.  E-Mailing out newsletters???  No online services beside a defunct 20 year old web site...that looks like it.  The club will be solvent in 10 years.  It had the feel of a bunch of old people with nothing better to do, using the club as an excuse to draw them together to give their life some semblance of meaning while they hold hands and wait to die.  That's the impression I got.

My decision to quit the car club was made all the easier because of standards set by Microman, Micronaut groups and their members.  Standards I seem to compare to every other group Im interested in.  The only thing the car club did was make me aware that I don't give a dam about car shows either as a spectator or participant and that I will never join another car club...  I didn't buy this car to spend my weekends babysitting it at car shows.  Im not sure how that even became a thought.  I simply wanted my dream car and the opportunity to drive it.

 They gave me every reason to leave.  Micronauts collectors gave me every reason to stay.  Without knowing it you set the standard and maintained it with ease while others continue to have difficulty understanding the word group.

You guys are the best and continue to be.  :-)  Thanks for being you!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ebay Sales and Canadian Tax Rules

 The reason I try to keep much of my sales off Ebay is for Tax purposes.

Revenue Canada sued Ebay for their financial records of Canadian Sellers.  Now, if I sell more than $1000/month on Ebay, I am required to claim this on my taxes as income.

So I get dinged possibly for an Ebay listing fee, a final sales fee, a paypal fee and then taxes on the sale.

If you buy something off Ebay that you plan to sell at a later date, KEEP ALL TRANSACTION RECORDS.  Then you wont have to ALSO pay a Capital Investment Tax.  You bought it with money that had already been taxed.  You are just recovering the funds.

CANADIANS...One of the highest taxed nations in the developed world.

I appreciate the trust when you buy through my blog, so if I can, I try to slip something extra in or make sure you get a good deal on the price. 

Its not much, but all tracked packages are 5% off on shipping...all the time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Impromtu/Surprise Sale Posts

I am putting up Impromptu Sales Posts or Surprise Sales.  Rewards for the faithful follower.  A 2-3 Day Blog Sale on collection items at cost or below cost prices.  Please note Blog Sale prices are limited to while the post is up.  If they don't sell here they "may or may not" go to Ebay.  I might put them back up as a Surprise Sale again at a later date.  Im sticking to deadlines, so 6 hours can screw you on Surprise Sale.  They are  meant to reward blog followers who routinely check out Homeworld.  No advertised sales, just impromptu 2 or 3 day sales.  Timing is everything.  There will be no time extensions on sales. Once the post comes down, the sale of that item will be over.

Its to keep you coming back every now and then to check out HomeWorld while I work on projects and postings are down.  I don't want you all to think I've closed shop and shut down.

The KK prints were part of these Impromtu/Surprise Sale.  So they are no longer for sale since the post came down.  Another Sale will soon take its place.  Expect one or two of these a month. But you have to be quick.  Sale Prices only last while the sale is active on the blog.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

In Memory of Joe (Joseph) Sikic

This post is in memory of a man none of you know.  But to me, he was a great man.  Joe Sikic.

He was my mentor.  He took a confused high school drop out aimlessly bouncing from job to job and gave him a chance to determine his future.  His direction in life.

A European, Croatian to be specific and a hard man.  More than once he threw a part out of the shop during my learning process.  I wasn't allowed to read the newspaper or a book or anything during coffee breaks.  We didn't have cell phones then.  "I'm paying for your coffee break.  So you'll concentrate on work."  He'd say.  And I'd spend my coffee break writing down fractions in a 1/64th format up to one inch, calculate in my head the three decimal equivalent and then write it down and memorize it.  During the day he'd shout out fractions and I had to know the decimal equivalent.

My parents weren't his biggest fans and more than once I had to tell my dad to stay out of it.  It was a small jobber shop that earned me invaluable experience in the mid 80's when everyone else was out of work and only the most seasoned and experienced machinists were still working.  Nobody wanted an apprentice.  They all wanted machinists with 15-20 years experience.  Not a former prep cook. 

$6.00/hr  Don't laugh.  Its 1987.  Considering my previous job as a cook was $5.50/hr...I was in heaven with the raise.  I worked hard and laugh now at how he would teach me lessons.  Things I still apply today.  I always have the cleanest most organized work bench.  For a reason.  Things he taught me.  Things they don't teach today.  Tricks of the trade.  Tricks I have since adapted and applied to the action figures I make.

I wanted to have lunch with him.  To thank him.  For all he did for me.  Its been a few years since last we talked.  I was in the corner store when I saw him. wasn't him.  It was him alright, but younger.  It was his son.  Upon talking to him I learned that Joe had passed away from cancer.

I feel bad that I never fully told him how much I appreciate everything he did for me.  The opportunity he provided me and the skills he willing shared and taught me.  He was a hard man with a soft center.  A good man.  I feel very fortunate to have known him and to have apprenticed under a man as skilled as he was. 

I wish I could have told you in person.

Thank you Joe. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Clear Colored Figures-Meh

You wont see me making too many clear colored figures.  The reason being, and there are several start here. 

Wherever there is a hole in the body, this allows light farther into the figure.  So the body shade will vary unless the pins going into those holes are the exact same shade.

You don't get the same shade for all the parts in one pour.  The smaller parts will be a lighter shade.  The larger parts will be a darker shade.

Painting is a problem.  If you paint black anywhere or darker colors, it darkens the shade around it.  sometimes changing the shade.

The same with combining clear colored parts.  The colors change.  A clear red over a clear blue will have the red looking purple.

So you have to really watch it with the clear colors.  What starts out as a good idea gives way to a lot more work and in some cases might not look as good as originally thought.  And then the extra left over parts.  And then if you get the shade wrong, which is the easiest thing to do, you end up chasing a color and making a whole pile of different shaded parts.  Which can happen with solid colors just as easily. Tinting is an art form unto itself.

This is just my opinion, but I think that's why solid white is used more often than not for clear colored figure accents.  Its the color least likely to change the shade or have the least effect on the shade of the clear colored parts.

Silorg Warrior Sold

I have a couple GEEG's left, some Palisades RF's too.

The BEST...ABSOLUTELY "THE BEST" MAGNO I EVER OWNED  and thus the last one to Silorg Warrior is sold. 

If ever you get the chance to own one...2 things...its a $500 + figure and B)...ITS WORTH "EVERY" PENNY.

Cast Repair

There are a couple of ways you can repair a cast if you choose not to throw it out.  And probably a couple more I know nothing about. 

The first...Sometimes when pouring a sprue mold, you may accidentally over pour flooding the spout.  This can produce an air bubble which may fool you into thinking the mold is full.   Then when you open the mold, you find half a cast.  These are fun for customizing.  Now if you are lucky enough to be able to achieve a full seal by reinserting the cast back into the mold, then first simply cut out the part of the cast that failed put it back into the mold making sure it is 100% seated, and fill the rest of the mold.  You can have fun by changing the color...or not.  I've had success blending the same color together seamlessly in 2 or 3 pours.

If its a Smush mold, you can do the same as the above.  Cut out the bad, reinsert cast into the mold, and add more resin.  Sometimes that's not an option either.  Sometimes where the cast fail happens, particularly in sprue molds, prevents simply cutting out the cast fail and adding more resin.

If its a high detail area, depending on the amount of resin used for the complete cast, I might suggest simply scrapping the piece and checking the mold for what could be causing the problem and try again.  Sometimes its not worth it to save and fix.  How much time are you willing to invest to save the failed cast?  Is it worth it?  Its not always.

If its in an area that can be worked back into form with a little sanding and ingenuity, then I would suggest taking some clay and building a little bowl around the hole which you would then fill with resin.  The clay bowl keeps the resin from running all over the cast and ensures the failed area is fully filled.  The bowl doesn't need to be very high.  Simply tight to the cast and slightly higher than the cast surface.  You can easily remove the clay after the resin has cured.  What doesn't easily sands off.  You then sand/rework the detail back.  This method works well for flat, geometrical surfaces or areas where detail is easy to rework manually.

Those are the methods I use when I repair casts.  Of course, you don't need to have a cast fail to have fun with the cast.  You could intentionally under pour or pour discriminately to achieve results of a more specific nature.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


We're getting older.  And as we do some of us have issues of one kind or another. my teeth and 35 years of smoking hasn't helped.  I take after my mother with having bad teeth and no Dental plan until I was 30.

So how is this blog relevant?

Imagine this...Me...with dentures.  Think about it.   My mother couldn't stop laughing when I told her how much fun I can have with dentures.  Halloween dentures.  Every other tooth black and orange.  Christmas teeth.  Every other tooth red/white and green.  I could get a set chromed.  I could make a set of custom fangs.  Chrome only the incisors. 

Im not why not have some fun with my issues?  lol.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Im Having a Hard Time Posting Right Now

Work for one.  Shift work is killing me.  Im always tired.  I have no sleeping schedule.  Another is its hard to have a running dialogue when Im busy making the figures.  The other reason is the figures.  I have isolated the main issues and discussed them.  While yes, I still can get the video's going and 1 or 2 more posts for an issue or two not yet discussed, but we've run out of discussion for the molds and problems that could arise for the past related figures.

I will need to move on to another project to have different issues to discuss.  Which will be happening very soon.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Nothing like fan support to change peoples minds. 

Mr Waugh, underestimated the value of his site to both collectors and the general public.  Upon hearing how much people were upset, efforts have been taken to salvage and reactivate ISO.  There may or may not be a domain name change, but ISO is in the process of being reactivated.