Friday, December 30, 2011

A Reputable Italian Ebay Seller

Its no secret that alot of collectors are worried about dealing with Italy when it comes to Ebay.  I myself have been skeptical what with all the horror stories that have surfaced from the Italian Flouros to BaronKarlo and more.
I have been fortunate in my dealings with Italy.  Thanks in part to other collectors who have been considerate enough to inform me of less than reputable dealers and also other collectors who have gone out of their way to do diligent research and sleuthing to root out these cancerous infections from Ebay.  

But there are also alot of good sellers in Italy.  And we shouldnt condemn a whole nation for the actions of a few greedy people who have no moral fibre.

So in an effort to help promote goodwill and help protect other collectors who would like to buy items from Italy but are scared or just plain uncertain, I will be putting up posts every time I have a transaction involving Italy.

Today's post is courtesy of  maruzzell2   

Maruzzell has a 100% feedback rating of 1788.  I worked out a deal with him 'outside' of ebay.  He was extremely honest and pleasant to deal with.  His shipping charges were extremely fair and he shipped really quickly.  It was my pleasure dealing with him and I wont hesitate to do so again if the circumstances should arise.

Good people deserve good press...and thats why Maruzzell is getting the ATR Thumbs Up.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cavelieri Stellari Scar Face

Well...If you had told me I would own 3 of the 6 Caveleiri Stellari figures I would have laughed at you.  I have 2 of the 3 Horse figures and Scar Face.  The Horse figures are MISB and Scar Face is loose.  He is missing his weapons and a box, but I can live with that.  It took me over 10 years to find this one.

Does anyone happen to have a set of Caveleiri Stellari weapons they would consider lending me to make duplicates of? 


Would you like to trade, sell or have me make something???

Any information leading to the arrest and capture of the 3 remaining Caveleiri Stellari figures is looked upon with EXTREME favor.  :~)


I have discussed this once before, but I think it needs refreshing.

I use Smooth On products.  Its all I have ever tried.  Having a distributor 10 minutes away makes it that much more attractive.

The Smooth On Starter Kit comes with OOMOO 30.  This is a medium setting Silicone.  It has a 7-9 minute pot life and cures in roughly 6 hours.  This is what I use the most.

OOMOO 25 is a much faster setting Silicone.  It has a pot life of 2-3 minutes and cures in roughly 2-3 hours.  It says 90 minutes, but its still tacky after 90 so I leave it a few more hours.  The benefit of using the OOMOO 25 is that it is a quick setting silicone.  I use it for what I call Stage Molds.  Stage molds are basically one time use molds.  You make the piece in stages.  You make a mold of a built up area then carve/sculpt it.  Then you make another mold of the sculpted piece and either use that or rework the piece some more.  Its like saving your work in case you slip with a knife or cut too much off in one area.  Thats why I use it.

Its also good if you are making only 1 or 2 small molds.  Remember you have to mix it and pour in under 3 minutes.  Proper pouring procedure of silicone is a nice, SLOW steady stream to help break up air bubbles introduced while mixing.  Plus you need to get it into the pressure pot.   If you are mixing alot of product or have several molds to pour, I dont recommend using the OOMOO 25.

I prefer the OOMOO 30 except for the 6 hours cure time.  But thats the time it seems to take for a good solid mold so I live with it.  I like the detail the OOMOO 30 provides over the OOMOO 25.  Because it has a longer pot life it doesnt thicken up as quick.  So I can pour several molds properly without fear of the silicone curing before I can get it into the pressure pot.  Also, because it stays in liquid form longer, it can get into all the little tighter areas nicer and cleaner.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Stack

Stack...thats just what I call it.  I guess in retrospect rack would work just as well.  But it just seems more apt.  I dont know if anyone else thought of this.  Most likely.  Its a simple enough idea.  I remember documenting it here on the blog when I first made it.

When I first started casting, I was using a very small pressure pot.  In fact it was a paint pot.  I had to turn it on its side to be able to make the larger molds. I could barley get my hand in and sometimes it was sloppy.  So I was pretty happy when I found the one I am using on sale for $70.00.  But it is deeper than it is wide.  And that made for alot of empty space.  So I made a small shelfing (apparently thats not a word...hmmm) system. 

I cut 3 pieces of thin paneling.  I put one on the bottom of the pot, because the pot is curved.  Then I took the other 2 and drilled some holes, used some All Thread and a few nuts/washers and made a the shelf unit to fit inside the pressure pot.  Now I could make more molds at once.  At the very least, I didnt have to keep reaching all the way into the bottom of the pressure pot. 

 It wasnt until I used it a few times that I realized I made 1 small error.  Resin sticks badly to the wood.  So the shelf unit got bumpy and uneven from spilled resin.  I had to grind it off which is alot of work/noisy and messy.  However it can be easily scraped off with a putty knife or a simple scraper were it made of acrylic or some type of plastic.

So I finally got around to making the new shelf unit.  I kinda like the look.

I had some square pieces.  I just took a grinder to the excess and than spun it by hand over a belt sander.  I still have to put some pads on the bottom of the all thread so it doesnt damage the bottom acrylic plate.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bill Mantlo

 Over at AcroRays  Laboratory   he has posted an article:

 The Tragic Tale of a Micronaut Creator including article from LifeHealthPro.

 Bill Mantlo has suffered some severe setbacks in life.  Its unfortunate that anyone should fall into his position but it happens all the time.  I urge anyone even remotely associated with Micronauts to read this article if for no other reason than sheer respect. 

Here's hoping I did this right, if I didnt, just click on the link in "AcroRays Blog" in the side bar under Homeworlds Hot List.

The Tragic Tale of a Micronauts Creator







Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cleaning Files

You may hear me from time to time refer to Swiss Files.  This are small hand held files of various shapes.   Some are square,  some curved.  Each one designed to help get into that hard to reach spot.  I use these Swiss Files to sand down any imperfections in a cast including cast lines.  Now its more common for larger files to get clogged with bits of steel,  but if you are like me, your 'work' area isnt far from the 'casting' area.  And occasionally I will drop some resin on a file.  While a wire brush can work if you are stuck, the best way to clean a file is with a piece of brass or aluminum bronze (cheaper facsimile).  You run the brass over the file going with the grain.  With the brass being softer than the file, the brass pushes whatever is stuck in the file out.  Steel, dried resin, last nights dried remnants of a banana split...and it doesnt hurt the file.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Authentic Unofficially Official Magno Custom Capes

I dont mean to cut into this post.  Its unintentional.  But this next set of customs required I build something for it.

I have mentioned these in the past, but like stated in the previous post, I dont get make much time for 'playing'.  If I did, you would probably have seen more pictures of these next customs than you

 I am not sure how many of you know this, but Lady Command of the Micropolis Embassy Group made the capes for the Palisades Toys Emperors.  Shortly after the Magnos were released,  I commissioned her to make some additional capes for me in various colors.  They havent seen much play time, so I took down the red one for a few pictures.  I have been looking for proper hooks/hangars for them and havent found anything yet.  However now that I am doing casting, hooks/hangars for these Capes is now on the list. 

I wished I had gotten a few more made.  This is actually the first time this Red Cape has ever been put on a figure.

 I didnt know what to do with these capes now that I had them. Keep them wrapped in a  bag? So I took some welding wire.  Wire, not rod.   It comes in various widths about 2 maybe 3 feet long.  And I bent some and soldered them together to make a Cape Rack
 I have more detailed pics of it being made, but you get the idea.  All the joints were filed/sanded and the entire rack primed and painted.

I think Im going to spend a bit more time playing.  Some of these other capes have never been on a figure yet either.

Reconditioned Mego Spidermobile

  A short while ago I came across a Spidermobile and a Hulk Explorer.  The Spidermobile was just a red shell.  The Hulk Explorer was the same, but it also had its original cannon.  No dart, but I could live with that. 
  So when ever I get a few minutes I put it to use reconditioning these vehicles back.  I make the parts needed to make it look like the original version.  If I come across the original parts down the road, I swap out my casts and use them for other things.

 Now I still need to find the proper rear axle or one I can cast, but this Spidermobile is better off than it was. I made it new fins for the back, the back wing is from a Star Defender but matches and I made both the single and the double ski's that are currently mounted on it.  The side mounted rockets are courtesy of a now defunct Palisades BK set.
 I also have a couple of other Solarions that I have put together.  My favorite has the front wheel from the Battle Cruiser.  It just looks that little bit sleeker I think. 

One of the good things about having a Blog, is that it literally forces me to 'play' with my collection.  Maybe I dont get down on the floor and build worlds, but I take out a piece in question and pose it for photographs.  With all the casting and a little thing called 'life',  I dont do it nearly as often as I would like.  So this helps out a lot in that regard.

   Bob & Doug Mckenzie.   Bloody Canadians and their beer eh.  Now look what those 2 have done.  Great...Just Great...Pharoid. Beer.  I hope he keeps it away from the Terraphants. 

Dam bootleggers.      :~)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rocket Tubes Diaries **AMENDED**

After I had posted the Rocket Tube Diaries,  I went back later and tried to rearrange the pictures nearest the information most relevant to it.  Blogger doesn't make for easily picture placement and you really have to fight to get the picture to sit in the blog where you want it.  In the process of trying to organize the pictures better,  I inadvertently deleted the first paragraph of Ray Millers article on the Rocket Tubes containing the patent information and information about its creator and companies involved.

This information has since been restored and my sincerest apologies to Ray Miller for my mistake.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Rocket Tube Diaries PART 1

Wow...I thought I had most of this done...I still spent over 4 hours doing this article today...PHEW....Finally...I introduce to you...

The Rocket Tube Diaries.

  A "NEVER BEFORE SEEN" Micronauts Homeworld Blog Exclusive featuring the infamous HMS Rocket Tube Blueprints with supporting article written by Ray Miller.

The year 2000 saw some new changes in the world.  Computers were storming the world.  Everyone was trying to cash in on it.  Ebay being no exception.  But Ebay kind of took everyone by surprise.  Before it evolved into the evil monster it has become, it was a new found way to finally get those items that one needed for their collections.  Finally one place to go to to be able to see if what you needed was available.  If not, computers at least allowed one to 'hunt' for whatever they needed with greater ease than ever before offered.  No more expensive trips to trade shows.  Ebay was born.

I always say, 'Don't throw it away, throw it on Ebay'.  Because someone always thinks your junk is better than theirs.  And back around 2000 and up till about 2004 or 2005, people began going through their attics realizing that their own treasure trove of junk might actually be valuable to the right person.  And then everything hit the market.  People for whatever the reasons had their little 'thing'.  Everyone of us has something.  Fishing/cooking/action figures, whatever.  We could now find the things related to what interested us.  And the lists were endless.

In the case of Micronauts, Bubbletrons were seen every few months.  A market was born.  People began assigning values to various things.  Price guides were now useless as the availability of alot of items that were before considered hard to get became available regularly. Slowly people filled their collections.  And as they did, Ebay evolved and more people began to get interested in various things that made up their hobbies.  And items once thought neat and nifty and commonplace...disappeared.  More and more people became interested and as the internet grew so did demand on a dwindling supply. 

Some were fortunate enough to occasionally be in the right place at the right time.  While Ebay has become a place where most sellers believe every item they have is rare and swear at you if you tell them different, you can still get good deals from practical people.  Other times however,  you have to factor in just how important is it to you.  While yes Ebay has organized a place where for the most part we can find almost anything we want, it can come with a price.  Like anything...How BADLY do you want it?  Lets face it...if after 10 years of searching you finally find that 1 item in the condition you wanted on Ebay, but its $20, $30...even $50 more than you know its worth...are you willing to wait another 10 years to see another one?  Maybe longer?

I cant exactly remember when.  I believe it was back around 2004 or 2005.  I used to spend hours a day searching Ebay.  Checking misspelled versions of things I was looking for.  Believe it or not, for some people that IS their job.  And I came across an Ebay seller who had some of the original HMS Micronaut Rocket Tube Blueprints.  Sometimes you have to be greedy.  I saw them and realized their intrinsic value.  While to some they might think it ok to sell off page by page.  I didnt.  I set out to get as many as were available to be able to keep them together as a set.  At the time I really didnt even desire them in my collection.  But I saw the loss of alot of information if they weren't kept as a set.  So I set out to obtain as many as I could.  I at first missed one of the prints that was auctioned off to another collector.  But seeing my desire and understanding what I was trying to do, this collector made arrangements to have the blueprint he had obtained donated to the set I had assembled.

Special thanks go to Phil Stevens of the UK.

Seeing my obvious interest and with the fees Ebay was now slowly ever increasing, The original seller offered me all the drawings he had and promised to inform me if he came across any more.  While I dont believe for a moment that I have every blueprint or drawing related to the Micronauts Rocket Tubes and various other items, I believe I have managed to put together a very rare set of documents that shows just what MEGO had in mind and how they looked at things.

These NEVER seen before drawings and blueprints were lent to Micronaut Historian Ray Miller, who graciously gave up alot of his time to study, analyze and offer his opinions on what he found.  The following is a short compilation of drawings with accompanying  article by Ray Miller.  Shortly after this article was done, another subsequent batch of blueprints and drawings emerged that as of yet have yet to be seen by anyone in the Micronaut Community. 

I have been meaning to get all the drawings and blueprints put to disk for easier viewing, but its not something that is always at the front of my mind. So the pictures following this article are exactly that.  Pictures taken of the actual documents.

"The Secret Ambition Of Rocket Tubes"   As written by Ray Miller

Thanks to Gold_Dober we've been given a rare look into several lost pieces of the Interchangeable World of the Micronauts: A set of ambitious plans to expand on Mego's daring and unfortunately unsuccessful-Rocket Tubes System.

 While it has been alternately implied and speculated that Rocket Tubes was a concept abandoned by Takara, the toy was actually conceived and patented almost exactly as we know them now by toy and product designer Gordon Barlow, and engineered by the now-legendary toy and hobby design firm "H>M>S> Associates" of Pennsylvania.  The molds for the toy system-which were confirmed to exist in their entirety as of 2005 and went unsold at an industry auction-were created by PAC (later to become PAC Toys) in New Jersey.

Patent Drawing

Patent Drawing

Patent Drawing
Patent Drawing

File Envelope
File Index of Drawings
Complex, sprawling and created with a tremendous amount of ambition, Rocket Tubes proved to be far too expensive for retail buyers, required too much shelf space for most retailers, and contained so many bugs and problems that it rarely worked with anywhere near the exciting results seen in the television commercials promoting it. The product was a flop, and it now costs more to mail than it will generally fetch at Ebay.

A cross section of a standard tube
 Had Rocket Tubes worked as intended for both children and retailer, we may have seen several more innovative additions to the system which added industrial and adventure oriented play situations to "The Transportation System of the Future" in the form of modules and stations that would be added the the Rocket Tubes system. Numerous sheets of these designs from the files of the HMS Company expand on the earlier design.   These designs from a period late in 1979 illustrate 5 NEW Structures dubbed the "Modular Space Pieces" which were drawn up as future play set additions to the Rocket Tubes.  These represent the whole Rocket Tubes system as a futuristic version of the traditional railroad play set - with stations, elevated tracks and even cargo loaders. 

Modular Space Frame
A generic item called a "Modular Space Frame" formed the foundation for the new elements.  This appears to be a base panel which could be situated on a solid surface or suspended by the systems tubing, which new structures could attach to.  This new element offered little play value in itself, and was simply a mounting panel with several 5 mm connection points and an upper rim designed specifically to support another structure.  In the case of these plans, that other structure could be the "Ore Loader with Vehicle", or the "Command Center". 

Ore Loader Cross Section and Elements
A complex module called the "Ore Loader" is the first of these possible new structures to add to The Rocket Tubes.  This featured a hopper loaded with tiny plastic ore nuggets, which would fall into a small wheeled vehicle and could be transported via a small conveyor belt inside the vehicle to fall into a Rocket Tubes car, presumably to be carried to another part of Micropolis via the Rocket Tubes.  A special tube end segment featuring a "Spring Loaded Canopy" is specified for use with both the Ore Loader and the Command Center, Allowing easy access to the tube car stopping at that location and to help secure the entire module to the length of the tube roadway.  The Modular Space Frame can be used to place the "Ore Loader" on a solid surface, or to suspend the Ore Loader in space in conjunction with "Web Connector" accessories (detailed later).  

Ore Loader Detailed

 The Command center illustrates another complicated mini-play set that could have become part of the Rocket Tubes System.  This is something of a station house if you use railroad anthology, and features a small, simplistic vehicle (reminiscent of the shuttle pod seen in Star Trek the Motion Picture) and a spot identified for a crane.  The module attaches to the Modular Space Frame and Web Connectors like the Ore Loader, and a tube segment can pass lengthwise through the module.  The Command Center features complex technological textures, and decals for control panels.  Also, an interesting element of this structure is that portals which allow a tube section to pass through the Command Center can actually allow the tube and module to orient themselves in directions other than simply a horizontal plane.  If supported by the tube, the module could be suspended on a slanted incline, 90 degree angle or even upside down for a zero gravity feel.  Or, the tube could pass through it at whatever angle was convenient to keep the Command Center flat.

Web Connector
The aforementioned "Web Connector' support accessory was also developed to interconnect the Modular Space Frame and tube segments as mentioned above.  This item is a single styrene plastic component that binds four tube segments together and features 5 mm connection points.  It appears that this combination of the tubes and Web Connector could be used to suspend the Modular Space Frame inside a network of tubes.  It may have been spectacular to see the Command Center or Ore Loader high off the ground amid a network of rushing rocket car tubes!  But given the fragile nature of the toy system, that vision would certainly be asking for a play room disaster.

Spring Loaded Canopy
A "Spring Loaded Canopy" was also developed for the top or end of tube segments.  This is essentially a hatch that will "spring" open when a tube car or Tube Traveller reaches it.  Given the access to a tube car required by some of the features of the Ore Loader and Command Center, this sort of accessory would be required as the Rocket Tubes Recycler Segment would not fit these toys as they are designed.

Spring Loaded Canopy Additional Details

 These designs may have been developed into physical prototypes.  Notations seem to indicate that a physical example ( "an engineering model" ) of the Ore Loader vehicle was ordered to be made at the very least.  But it is currently unknown if the toys developed beyond the paper and mock up stage before being cancelled.  None of these elements were listed in the manifest of Rocket Tubes molds auctioned off in 2005.  Astute Micronaut collectors will recall the glider launching station included in the Sears "Deluxe" Rocket Tubes Set, which serves as a possible example of the beginning of these sort of additional modules.  The television commercial for Deluxe Rocket Tubes also includes a parachute drop feature, which  doesn't appear in the final product.  The drawings are all 1:1 scale, so looking at them gives an immediate sense of the proper scale of the items.  They would have been comparable in size to the systems Blower Segment.

-Micronaut Historian Ray Miller.

The Ore Loader Detailed picture is taken from the original blueprint.  As these blueprints are very old,  it was altered for clarity and definition for easier viewing.  There are still some more drawings (at least another dozen or so) that have yet to be analyzed that go with this set.  Those will be posted as Part 2 in the VERY Near Future.  But I believe the bulk of information into the insight of MEGO comes from this set of blueprints.

A very huge thank you to Ray Miller for the time he invested analyzing these particular blueprints.  Ray was also nice enough to include the link to Mego's Rocket Tubes Commercial,  as well as all the ORIGINAL patent information. With out his invaluable contribution, this article/post would not have been possible.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lobstros Guns VS Ampzilla Guns

Recently I was supplied with a gun to replicate.  The gun supplied was in fact a cast of an Ampzilla Gun.  I did not make it.  For the longest time I thought that the Lobstros gun and the Ampzilla gun were the same.  MEGO was famous for maximizing the usage of their molds.  But as I looked at the 2 of them, they are in fact NOT the same. 

I dont know if this is common knowledge or not, but they aren't.  The top fin that sticks up from the gun is singular and smaller on the Ampzilla gun.  It is doubled in thickness and taller on the Lobstros gun.  The 5 mm pegs are also longer which would make sense as this would be more accommodating to the curves and slopes of the Lobstros body.

See how thin the "Fin" is that sticks up out of this Ampzilla gun cast?

This picture shows the 5mm peg hole length difference.  Again done to be more fitting to the Lobstros body design.

A perfect shot of the Lobstros gun showing both the "Fin" and an extra bigger panel up right beside it.

I went to ISO to see if the pictures there could verify this for me or not.  ISO has clear shots definitively proving that the casts supplied to me are indeed Ampzilla casts.  The ISO Lobstros pictures are a little less definitive, but in the top left and top right pictures you can see that the top fins are indeed thicker and the extra portion is indeed taller. 

Indeed...there's always something. : ~)

Micronaut Books Mags and DVDs

A lot of artwork has been put into various Magazines.  Super 7 had a stint where they ran the one magazine with Antron on the cover.  This post is so very hard for me to write. I am not a journalist.  What I am trying to accomplish to to show some of the various magazines, books and DVDS that every Micronaut collector should be aware about. 

I have taken various pictures of some of the items mentioned that I have.  There is so much more yet that should be include in this post that I am missing.  I will post the pictures and tell what I can about them.

I will be doing posts a little later on each picture individually with a more specific content breakdown.  For now I am just showing some of what is available for Micronaut Reference Material.

 These are the first books by Gordon Williams.  The story rotates around man trying to come up with ways of feeding everyone.  Originally the plan was to enlarge the produce.  They instead worked to shrink man and then the tales they got into in their yard.  Its actually well written and I think it leaves alot of possibilities however farfetched somewhat plausible.  the book seems to have been printed several times with various different covers.  There are 3 books to this set, but I am missing one.  I have bought Revolt of the Micronauts 4 times now thinking its the book I am missing.  The 2 books on the left are the same.  Just different covers.  I was halfway through the book the second time before I figured it out.   I kept thinking this seemed oddly familiar.  lol
 This is the famed Micropola Issue # 00  By Ron Pringle.  I cant begin to tell you everyone who contributed to this magazine.  It reveals alot of the Micronauts, prototypes the toys.  A great magazine.  You occassionally find one on Ebay.  Not often tho.  And each time it does, the price goes higher and higher.  An invaluable resource.

 Micropola Issue # 01.  This bad boy covers EVERYTHING!  And when I mean everything, I mean everything.  I have had this disc for years and still havent gone through everything on it.  These 2 items are the best resources you can find for Micronauts.  Wait till I break this disc down in its own post.  You wont believe what all it covers.  There is also one other Micronaut CD.  It is the Digital Comic of the first 4 issues of the Devils Due Run I believe.  Actually there are a few other Micronaut CD's as well.  I understand there are various MEGO Commercial CD's out there as well. 

 I am sure everyone is aware of this magazine.  Mr. Marty Abrahms telling the MEGO story.  Pretty self explanatory there.  lol.

Jon Bonavita has put out many books for collectors.  They are excellent resources for  lists.  It is a complete list of Megos line including Micronauts.  The only thing I dont think applies anymore is the price guide.  Ebay has pretty much taken over as a more accurate market indicator.  Some of the prices listed are these days obsolete.  I believe it lists Rocket Tubes as somewhere around $200.  I got mine for $10.00 and the Deluxe Rocket tubes for $15.00
This is the Steve Lyons Micronauts Trilogy.  For me, I found them to be well written and a very enjoyable read.  It is a nice deviation from the Marvel Comic storyline.  Its cohesive and well thought out.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading these and still do.

Like I stated earlier, I will be making individual posts on each of these above pics and a more complete look at what each one covers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Micronaut Pillows

WOW...I remember seeing these a few years back and thinking...these would look good with my sleeping bag.

Well they do!  I keep the sleeping bag properly stored and occassionally take it out for a photo shoot.  This seemed like the right time.  :~)

The pillows are more apt to be called cushions I believe or throw pillows.  While the pattern is the same the material seems to be slightly different between the sleeping bag and the pillows.  The pillows are Fan Made and made from the material of a Micronaut Mattress.  I dont have Kids.  I have a small dog and I spoil him crazy.  He is my sue me...I allowed him up for a few photos.

 Actually I didnt have a choice.  Riley is a photograph pig and as soon as he saw the flashes he jumped up on the bed and didnt move until I put the camera down.  OOPS...I lie...he closed he mouth for the last few pictures.  lol.

I have never heard of Micronaut Curtains.  Altho it is possible to have them made, I dont think MEGO ever made curtains.  No one I know has ever heard of any.  But material is still around so if one was inclined, They could be made.  That would really top of the room.  But I am happy with my Transformer curtains.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly did the original artwork for the Micronaut Aliens.  Shortly after Palisades released their wave in 2002, The Micropolis Embassy was able to elicit Ken Kelly to do a 50 print run from the original paintings.  The idea was to do the entire set of paintings.  Well all except Antron.  Marty is being tight lipped about Antron.  Another collector has the other paintings and these were used for the prints. 

The first print was the Terraphant and the second print was the Hornetroid. The prints were chosen by vote on which one everyone wanted first.  Then second.  Unfortunately we never got past the Hornetroid print..  I havent framed mine yet.  I had plans for them at one time, but that seems to have changed, so I am getting them framed hopefully before Christmas.

 Ken Kelly also did a couple of books.  The one I have is called Escape.  The artwork is phenomenal.  Al tho there are no Micronauts or Masters of the Universe in them.  It seems the powers that be exercised their legal rights and Mr. Ken Kelly wasn't allowed to include anything of that nature in the books.  However with the Gold Book, he does include a pencil drawing of your choice, that he draws for you.  And he informed me, that could be WHATEVER you wanted.

 This is the book ESCAPE, not the Gold Book.

Ken Kelly is also  a huge KISS fan and did the artwork for at least 2 of their albums.

This is just one of the over 100+ pieces of artwork in his book ESCAPE.

I have a link to his website in "The Hotlist"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MEGO Salesman Info Sets

A short time ago on Ebay, a person claimed to be a relative of a MEGO sales rep.  They had the original Salesman Set of Information Sheets complete with photos of every Micronaut in production at the time.  This person photocopied them on some high quality paper and sold them on ebay.  I grabbed a set.

 There were 20 pages in total but for some reason, this person did not have page 18.  No one knows what was on that page.  I havent gone through them in detail yet, but apparently there are some pretty interesting pictures with detail in some figures not commonly found.