Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Micronauts or a 1900cc Roadliner?

Back in 2006, I sold some of my collection off.  It was a mistake...or rather some of the items I chose to sell was a mistake.  But I did anyway.  I had collectors burnout.  I had most everything I wanted in the way of Micronauts.  Everything from the Fabled Micronaut Jewelry to MOC Aliens.  Outside of a few really obscur items, I had dam near everything.  Including a Micronaut Sleeping Bag.  The only one known to exist.  It was the first really expensive Item I ever bought...I was inches from selling it...FOR WHAT???  What else does every 40 yr old man want for his midlife crisis...

A 1900cc V-twin with 9.5:1 compression Roadliner.  One of the most perfectly balanced bikes on the road with 49.6 % of the weight on the front tire and 50.4% of the weight on the back tire.

Its such a large bike, you dont notice how fast you are going.  All you know is you never get out of second gear in the city.  You really have to be careful you dont get lost in the bike...because without stunting, its easily done.  You dont realize whats going on and then the next thing you know, you are lost in a red and blue haze and some guy with an attitude towards bikes is giving you a $350 speeding ticket because you forgot you arent on the hiway.  But I do love my bike.  Yes my Micronauts look great on my shelf.  But I look better on my bike. 

My last motorbike I went 155 feet without it.  I broke my wrist/my elbow had 2 steel pins in it after it was reconstructed.  I broke my ankle, had skin grafting on my knee, broke my collar bone and bruised my heart, my lungs and kidneys and was on 13% oxygen.  I spent 3 days in ICU.  Demoral...2 hours later morphine...2 hours later demoral...2 hours later repeat.  It was the 3rd motorcycle I had totalled on city streets.  ALL 3 accidents,,,someone made a left hand turn in front of me.  4 years later...I still have this bike.  Its my pride and joy.  I sold some irreplaceable items to get this bike...I think about that alot when I am shining the shit out of her.  I figure I spend about 8 hours a week polishing all the chrome.  Im hoping to take it Mt Ruchmore next year.  She's been to for a real trip.   her name...Muffit...named after my dear departed 180 lbs Great Pyreneese...Dusty...nickname...Muffit.  I miss her alot.  She was taken from me at the age of 6 by bone cancer. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman is an incredible artist.  He is a well known artist with many sci fi credits and others to his name.  Among these credits are the Palisades Micronauts.  Dave Dorman did the artwork for the cards for the 2002 Palisades Micronauts. 

Among these was the Emperor.  I consider the Emperor painting to be his best of the entire Palisades Collection.  Unfortunately for me, and ultimately fantastic for someone else, Dave Dorman gave the painitng away.  But he did do an artwork piece, uncolored.  My best guess is,  it was the draft of the painting.

I was floored to see this piece selled for $58.00.    Originally years ago, it sold for $600.

I was just so shocked to see this piece fly under the radar.  As someone who owns the Palisades Purple Emperor Prototype, this particular piece was important to me.  I wasnt complaining in the least.  I was just having a hard time comprehending the final price.  $58.00  My heart was pounding waiting for someone else to bid on this in the final few seconds of the auction.

This artwork is now part of a set with the Purple Emperor Prototype.  It will have its own section where the 2 will be displayed in tandem on the wall.  Oddly enough I dont feel as enamoured with the Dave Dorman Baron Karza or Force Commander paintings.  Fantastic in their own right.  I am not an art collector by any means.  Well, I guess thats not entirely true.  I have 2 paintings by artist Robert "Droid" and now I have the Emperor uncolored artwork by Dave Doorman.  I have a "There Goes The Neighborhood" print by Dave Waugh, an iglicee by Bwana Spoons through Super-7, and 2 Ken Kelly prints as well as his book "Escape" and various other media of well known Marvel artists.   I just buy what I like...

And man...I really...really...REALLY like this...

The Dave Doorman Galactic Defender painting. 

I have purchased this painting.  Something about it just hits me the right way.   I had to have it.  And I could afford it...amazingly this is the equivalent of what I would have smoked in 5 months.  I havent had a cigarette now in 13 months and has my collection ever profited from it.