Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Calm down. 

Yes Dave Waugh is selling some items on Ebay.  He is only selling dupes to help pay for the move.  Dave is hardcore Micronauts.  He isn't selling off his collection.

HOWEVER, do expect him to sell off his Microman collection in the near future.

In other Dave Waugh news, he is smack dab in the middle of putting ISO onto Instagram.  It looks good...and I don't own a cell phone.

So for all you Micronaut fans celebrating the latest Hasbro announcement, Dave gives you one more candle to put on your cake!  :-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Well Well Well.  It would appear that Hasbro has embarked on a Micronauts 4.0 series. Mego.  Hourtoy(Interchangeables),Palisades and now Hasbro.

It appears a set of 3 Standard Microman/Micronaut figures will be released at the SDC Con and later in Toronto.  I didn't think I would see this in my lifetime.  Now I know what KK was working on. 

Im not going to be posting much on them.  There are lots of more in depth news articles out there.  You guys don't come here for the latest news so I wont even bother.  You hard cores have already scoured the net for news.  Nothing more I can add.

So now we do what we been doing for years except now with actual hope...we wait.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Ha! Take that.  I challenged fate and won...MUWAHAHA...

EMS Shipping from Japan is pretty darned reliable so it wasn't much of a dare.  Yeah baby!  I now have all 3 Tiger Tanks.  I fell asleep after work and just woke up, so no play time pics yet.  I also have a motor to swap out.  Im looking forward to getting All 3 on video at the same time.

This Tank is not complete...its missing a driver.  If I find one, I'll grab it to complete it, but Im perfectly happy without it.  Not like I cant make my own.
The main difference between the Tiger Tank and the black K/O version is the red turret.