Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WHAT Postal Strike???

For anyone concerned...Canada Post Employees have again served a 72 hour strike notice while they continue to negotiate a contract.

However...people are reading between the lines and not reading the fine print.

Canada Post no longer has the leverage they used to have with snail mail.  Email and cell phones have greatly reduced their services to mostly packages.  So no one is taking their strike seriously.  Because Canada Post has little if any leverage...basically people are saying...OK...Go on strike then.

Even then...IF...they do go on strike...the fine print reads...

"...roving shut down..."

Which means they will stop services temporarily at one outlet while the others continue.  Then they will resume operations at that outlet and go to the next outlet and do the same thing.

Canada Post will continue to ship.  they will simply pick selective outlets to temporarily shut down for a few days while they continue to negotiate. 

Basically...its business as usual.

UPDATE:  Like I said, read the fine print.  They reached a deal.  There is no strike.

Unions/Strikes...what a messed up concept.  People go on strike and lose wages while doing so.  The money the company saves on wages while everyone is on strike is then offered back to them.  Costing the company nothing really while workers get the illusion they won.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deimos Done...Barons/Cobroid Next

Ok...The Deimos Project is officially over.  Its been available for order since the beginning of July and is now OPP.  The masses have spoken...MOVE ON...they said..so we are.  Next up is either the Mini Green Baron or Cobroid.  Quite possibly the Red Baron too.  The Barons will not be equipped with glider packs.  Im out of hardware.  The Barons will have Missile Packs.  These missile packs will be made available to order separately for those wanting one for either Sultan or Flight Commander.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The reason my Tiger Tanks are being held back is because the white KO Tiger Tank motor doesn't work.  Someone in their infinite wisdom thought it a good idea to manualize the vehice and removed gears from the motor.  I was able to find the gears I needed to make it work, but whoever did this damaged the gears shaft housing. 

I was able to get another working motor and need to switch it into the tank.  Then I want to take a video of all 3 running at the same time.  Then Im good to sell them.  :-)

Monday, August 1, 2016


You pass it on.  You appreciate it and pass it on.  Afterwards you live with the memories.  That's what we do. 

I was thinking of when I first thought of and proceeded to get the magno's color chromed.  I drove non stop through the Rocky Mountains for over 11 hours straight.   left right after work on a Thursday night to be in Mission BC for noon. 

I was a kid the last time I went through the mountains.  I don't remember it.  Now here I was at 3 am barrelling through the mountains on roads I had never driven on before.

There was a pick up in front of me.  He was my rabbit.  So he passes a semi.  So do I.  Its after 3 am and its pitch black and Im doing 60 mph in the dark on twisting turning curvy roads I know nothing about.

As I was getting back into my own lane again, something bright yellow flashed by me on the drivers side.  A few more seconds and the magnitude of what just transpired caught up to my consciousness.

In the dark, while passing the Semi...I missed the sign as it was blocked by the truck.  The sign letting me know of an upcoming tunnel.  The bright yellow was the hazard sign indicating the tunnel wall partition between to the two opposite directions of traffic.  I missed it by mere seconds.  When I realized what had just happened, I couldn't stop shaking.  I pulled over at the first opportunity.

A little Ford Ranger at 60 mph and a solid rock wall. 

I still shake my head and give a shiver when I think of it...I made the return trip during the day time hours and gave another shiver when I saw the road and surroundings in all their glory.