Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No More Color Chrome Magnos...For Now at Least

Well Chuck has informed me he is most likely closing the chroming portion of his business.  That really sucks because I only had 4 more magnos I wanted chromed.  I wanted the Copper Chrome Magno's the most.  These 'other' magnos were practice so he would have all the bugs worked out for this color.  Im not sure what will happen at this point.  Here are my options.  Try to find someone who can do the job. Buy a small metalizer and do it myself.  Cost...$5k-$10k.  

One way or another I want the 4 Magnos in copper chrome.  So with everything else, it may take a couple years, but I will somehow find a way to get the 4 magnos chromed in Copper.

Man...thats a BIG BUMMER.   :~(


  1. Hi

    I have not really read your entire blog. I saw the chrome finish of one of the magnos. *( the red one) & I found it quite interesting. are they metal or plastic & would u know what method was applied to get a red chrome finish. I am trying to do something similar but on to my watch

  2. The figures themselves are plastic. The Chrome finish was achieved using a vacuum chamber. The figure was completely disassembled and a bonding coat was applied to applicable areas. Then the pieces were set up in a vacuum chamber where a special type of aluminum was metalized and adhered to the bonding coat while inside the vacuum chamber. The red finish was applied after if I am not mistaken.