Thursday, June 10, 2010

Edmonton Eskimos '10 Grey Cup

A friend of mine told me about the Superbowl he went to.  I couldnt believe all the things he told me.  It sounded like a blast.   Now we dont have a Superbowl.  Instead we have our Grey Cup.  Its The Canadian Football Leagues 98th Grey Cup.  And its being played here in Edmonton. 

We all have little goals in life.  One of mine was to own season tickets to a professional sporting team.  A few years back, I went to an Edmonton Oliers vs L.A hockey game.   I was so put out.  It was my first and last hockey game.  I couldnt go to the bathroom.  Sorry you have to remain in your seat till commercial break.  I couldnt go back to my seat till a commercial.  It was like going on the biggest and best amusement park ride you could possibly imagine and then they strap in your legs/arms/shoulders and body to the seat so you cant move while on the ride.   I haven gone to another game since.  Nor will I.

Then a friend of mine took me to a football game.  I had the time of my life.  Everyone was having a great time.  I didnt feel like I was in the presence of snobs.  With the Grey Cup being held here this year, I wanted to be sure I was going and had awesome seats.  As owning season tickets was a personal dream, I bought season tickets to the Edmonton Eskimos last year to guarantee my seats to the Grey Cup.  And not just any seats...right on the aisle 4 rows down and not quite centre field.  One section over.  So Im on the 40.  So this year I renewed my season tickets and bought the same seats for the Grey Cup.  I also picked up 2 extra seats in the same place, just in the upper deck above me.  So I have 4 Grey Cup tickets.

The first game is this weekend.  Edmonton and Calgary...preseason.   And Im back on the 40...Yeah Baby!!!  We're going to the Grey Cup!!!  BRING IT ON!!!   Now all we gotta do is get the Eskimos into the final.

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