Monday, July 19, 2010


What Tools do I use?  The tools I use for casting are quite simple and very cheap.  Most of the stuff I have, I have bought at the Dollar Store.  From exacto knives and blades to gloves and mixing sticks.  But there is always one specialty tool.  And there is here too.  Or at least there is for me.   Yed Micronauts are based on a 5 mm system.  But sometimes there are slight deviations.  Most normally a 3 % shrinkage rate.  I drill all my own holes as opposed to casting them with the exception of the little alignment pins in the torsos.  And I do  this manually.  It get hard if you make to big a hole at once.  So I do it slowly.  I start with a drill thats about .040"  in diameter and worm my way up a few number drill sizes at a time till the hole fits whatever it fits.  I would end up drilling the hole about 30 times or so.  Im wearing half gloves with a leather palm and no fingertips and my fingertips are very sore.  And when I use the smaller drill bits, they used to drill backwards into my palm because they were so small.   I have about 10 of the holes still in my palm.  lol

Dollar short and a Day late.  So I just came home from searching the town.   Mr.  Schultz  showed me exactly what I was looking for.    And I had something.  A ratchet style small tap handle.  Except it couldnt handle drill bits under .125"   I finally found whatI was looking for.  To help me drill my holes and still retain feeling in my fingers.   And its called a jewelers drill.  Various makes and models and sizes I suppose from what I saw.   Capable of holding even a .010" drill bit.  So I was sold.   However I had to haul my ass out of the hobby store real quick when I saw their Hot  Wheels display.  Hot Wheels is now making Monter Bikes...SUHWEET!   

Anyways here is one rendition of this jewellers drill that is a virtual godsend to me.  $13.00  You can get various handles.  Im going to  see how this one feels.  I can always machine down the handle ball.

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