Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tankless Compressor

Our garbage bin at work is a gold mine.  The things people throw away.  As you know I got my compressor from there.  Well now someone has thrown a substantially quieter Tankless Compressor away.  It works great.

A tankless compressor is exactly that...tankless.  It doesnt store air is very lightwieght and compact.  Its smaller than your average vacuum cleaner.  It usually only pumps up to 100 psi.  We need 35-50 psi.  More than sufficient.  It can be used for the exact same things as a simple compressor or for any application requiring 100psi or less. 

So Im running the compressor back out to the garage and now have a tankless compressor to use in the house. if I had a second pressure pot, I could really stack myself up with work.  lol.

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