Friday, April 22, 2011

Fan Art

I was asked a question earlier regarding Fan Art.  Would I host any?

I dont have a problem with it.  Until now, no one has asked and it wasnt something I had thought of.   I dont see any reason not to.  I just have one condition for showing Fan Art here on HomeWorld. 

It must be blog related.

I have 3 topics here that I discuss.  Micronauts, Casting and my best friend, Riley.  My Dog.  Now I cant see anyone here posting about my little buddy, and its pretty hard to draw art from casting information/resins and related equipment, so that leaves Micronauts.  With Micronauts, I include Microman and Transformers and related Bootlegs.

I dont mind overlapping figure lines as long as they contain one of the Big 3 (Micronauts/Microman/Transformers).  For example...Someone draws up Swampthing  with Micronauts flying around or Dr. Doom with Micronauts or Optimus Prime kicking the living S**T out of a Ken Doll.  Hmmm...a movie in the making right there.  lol.

Just send me the photo to with a brief note describing the picture/your inspiration for making it and your permission to display it and first chance I get, I will run it for a week.  If you do want me to run your picture, please note that I may run the photo more than once.  I might very well run it again a few months down the road.

So if this is all okay with you, by all means...send me your artwork, and I will display it.  :~)

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  1. we'll in that case check your inbox for a piece from the 1st Transformers movie featuring one of my favorite fight scenes with Optimus Prime.