Saturday, January 19, 2013

Assemble Borg Bike

While I am a stickler for detail, when it comes to fines details like names and stats, Im not your guy.  Some times I can remember them, most times not.  away, and while I am nursing a sore thumb and a gashed finger I thought since I cant work on figures right now I could at least put up some new pics.

Here's an Assemble Borg Bike I recently picked up.  I would hate to get anything more complicated as this is quite the thing to put together if you arent used to doing such things.

But I did find that the Microman Magne Force Figures fit it quite nicely.  And the color matches this guy too, so the Magneto Mobile is now in need of a driver.

Acroyear Metis just got a new ride.

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