Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newest Micronaut...SHARKOS

I have rearranged my Micronaut shelf.  Other than a few Interchangeables and my Magnos, this is pretty much all I have kept for Micronauts figures besides my customs.  Whatever isnt in this picture is for sale.

But my SHARKOS has arrived.  For years( DONT LAUGH TOO HARD) I was under the impression that the Sharkos had a die cast body.  I thought...what a useless toy.  To give it an aquatic theme and then put a die cast body on it is a disaster.  I never asked.  People's opinions on it varied. Some liked it, others didnt.

 Recently I put a shit n giggles bid on a Sharkos on Ebay.  Only because it was 100% complete with box inserts as well.  I fully expected to get outbid.  But I didnt.  So now I own a Sharkos.  After buying one, I have a little more respect for the toy and am a bit choked at myself for not researching this vehicle.  Had I,  I most likely would have bought this vehicle years ago.

I am trying like heck to get caught up on alot of posting I havent been doing so this picture of the new shelf will have to do for now.  I'll dissect the Sharkos more in a future post.

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