Sunday, January 3, 2016


WILL JONES gets the nod for HOMEWORLDS first Custom of the Month.  I said I wouldn't critique...that, I see now, is going to be extremely difficult.  If not impossible.  So lets just wing it and see where that road to hell leads us...

Will Jones did an awesome job printing this Ampzilla(?)  custom.  It reminds me of a Lobstros hybrid.  When I first saw it,  I have to admit, I liked it but pictures can reveal TOO much.  I also didn't realize how small the main body was.  Which SHOULD have clicked in.  That isn't a complaint.  I for some reason simply thought it was bigger based on past pictures.  I quite like the size of the body and overall size in general.  It fits in well with other Micros.  He did a great job modelling it.

My ONLY complaint is that technology has advanced WAY too much.  I want to stay away from being critical.  That is not the point of this post,  But feel I have to be blunt at this point.  Technology is working against poor Will.  Camera's take such good pictures today.  The clarity.  Close ups.  While they serve a purpose they can do just as much damage as good.  And I don't feel that pictures taken of this custom have done it right.  Mine or others. 

When I look at it in my hands it is much MORE impressive than any pictures I have seen.  Pictures show up the print lines with such clarity.  Yet don't look near as exaggerated when you hold it in front of you.  Lighting plays tricks.  This is quite the custom.  Im more impressed with it in my hands than I was looking at pictures of it.  And its well priced especially when you consider the work put into designing it.  Not sure where the antennae is supposed to go, I'll figure it out eventually.
Front Guns Point Down???
The front guns point down, but Im guessing that's to keep true to the original design and to compliment the flow of the design and shape of the main body.

My collection is changing.  Im selling off all my production figures and only keeping customs.  This one will proudly take over newly vacated shelf space.  Great Job Will.

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