Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mini Missile Pack "WITH" Pics

Bry modelled the holder and the nose cones.  I made the masters for the missile bodies.  Bry had modelled the bodies, but Shapeways had issues with it being so small.  We think the missile fins most likely.  As it is, it was just as well as I needed the missile body in 2 parts for easy casting.  More initial work, but less headaches down the road.

The result?

Its the proto.  The 1st one.  Its raw and not finished.  It needs a wash and some clear coat.  The missile cones are tinted red.  NOT painted.

Im liking this a lot!  But to anyone familiar with the Micronauts/Microman/Palisades and related magno figures, It looks a bit odd on the figure without the ball adapters on the end of the missile.  Its a good fit otherwise and sure spices up the figure.  I'll post a pic of it mounted to Sultan later tonight.

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