Sunday, October 30, 2016

Homeworlds Moving

Well, not Homeworld Per Se...But my wife and I have plans to move out of Edmonton sometime in the spring of 2018...or in about 18 months.  I have a VERYsmall yard.  We don't need a bigger house, we need a bigger yard and Edmonton is VERY expensive.  We can get twice the house and 3 times the yard for the exact same price 20 minutes away.

So as soon as we redo the roof, paint the entire interior and put in laminate flooring, we're moving.  :-)  This house never felt right anyway.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back To Basics

I started this blog with a purpose.  The purpose was to help others with casting and making molds.  It was fun, it was stress free.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my focus and it became about making/selling action figures.  Ever since that moment, I have been stressing out about stock and sales numbers.  I lost my love for casting and have pushed it mostly to the curb.  It wasn't fun any more.  Casting videos never got made.  A lot of planned video's never got made because I was knee deep into making figures or stressed out so much I wouldn't make anything.

It was starting to manifest itself in ugly ways with me having mini breakdowns because of basic human nature.  People are unpredictable.  you cant plan for that.

IM DONE!  Im not making production runs anymore.  I'm going back to making what I want as the urge hits me.  No more deadlines.  One off custom figures made in the process of mold experimentation.  You want one...ask me.

If you want to buy the finished customs great.  If not then its something Im glad I made for myself.  Like the clear mini Microtron.  If you need accessories and I can help I will.

But the focus is going to be on molds and mold making.  So if you want a Jade, or a Ronin or Missile packs or ANYTHING at all including past will have to ask.  Im not making items to sell, but I will make an item if you ask.    I will keep a small inventory of custom figures, but Im not making 25 of one figure any more.  I have a shitload of various colored parts and Im going to start using them to make customs.

 Im proud of what I have accomplished...but not proud of how I have been handling the pressure in the process.  I've been rude for no reason on a couple of occasions.  So its back to the basics.  And I think you guys will actually like the end result a lot more.

Back to molds and mold making.  I want to have fun again.  Time to reset.

This does NOT affect Jade.  Im still making the six for those who completed the poll.  And occasionally, I will advertise something for sale, but the focus is molds. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jade In Production...Pollsters Please Contact Me.

OK...WOW...I "HIGHLY" recommend the black hi def Acrylate.  Fucking fantastic.  Smooth, extremely high detail.  Comes as advertised.  A bit pricier, but Im too poor to buy cheap.  I love it.

Im making 6 Jade figures (3 3/4 Green Baron) for those who filled out the poll.  You 6 need to contact me. 


You'll have to wait and see.  :-)  Its an experiment in progress.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Diaclone Magnet Technology Advances

Not sure what I was thinking...besides small.  I got the first set of magnets for the Dialcone figs I want to make.  I of all people know...measure first.  The magnets I ordered are 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/16.

Here's the thing...they are half the size and 5X more powerful.  They'll be 1/16" shorter with these magnets...actually, that's a good thing.  I can hide 80% of the magnet in the foot.  You wont see it unless you look at the figure sideways.  So you'll know which ones are mine. 

The other 100 magnets are twice as big.  5mm x 5mm x 3mm  So there might be 2 different variants or I might save one set of magnets for another figure.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jade Production Numbers

6 on the poll...unless the poll number changes...that's how many Im making for sale. 

If you want one...complete the poll.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Shapeways Materials Tried

So far, I have tried these materials from Shapeways.  Here's my pov.

Frosted Detail...Nice detail, but the texture is inconsistent.  It varies from smooth to rough.  No consistency.  I wasn't fond of it, so I moved on.

Black Acrylic...segmented.  fuzzy.  Worst one yet for holding tolerances on simple shapes.  Don't like it at all.  Detail success rate depends on which side of the acrylic its one.  One side is worse than the other.

Stainless Steel...if you are dead certain your print is done to your specifications,  I rally like the Stainless Steel.  Finished it has the look of a metal cast product.  It looks porous but Im very happy with it.

Black Acrylite...pending...waiting on product ordered in this material.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

While Supplies Last

Since making the mini missile pack, I wont be needing a supply of glider wings.  I have a few left over.  So while supplies last any sales order (not including shipping) $100+ US will get a free MIBaggie Hero Space Glider.

I Kept 1 Magno

Im sentimental.  I get attached to things easily.  Im still a collector at heart.  I kept and am keeping one Magno figure.  Its not all that special really to anyone but me.  But its a fine piece and its what it represents that keep me from selling it.

Of all the clear /black highlights BK's I bought, I did manage to put together a set of ''hold your breath'' UNBROKEN clear steed legs, NO CRACKS. Checked under light.  I'll be making some matching blue highlights for the steed and possibly a blue torso as well.  I'm not making a set of these, but I do plan to make one like this of the Force Commander so the BK isn't lonely.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Magno's Sold...

Well...I cant lie.  While I don't regret selling them, I cant help but feel a little melancholy.

Outside of a few GEAG's, a few red Falcons and a Awesome Silorg Warrior...Im one pending sale away from having sold  them all.  2 empty shelf cases.  I was so very proud of that collection.  Still am.  Im thankful I was able to find good respectable homes for their care.  A piece of me goes with each one.  Nothing lasts forever in this world.  I don't have any kids and they'll never name a street after me.  But I can pass these along.

Thanks to everyone who took part in my sale or plan to.  And my thanks to everyone who helped me build this awesome collection of Magno's in the first place.

If I had it all to do over again...I would.

Big Man Toys

I just want to give a shout out to my good friend over at Big Man Toys...Lee.

Lee has really taken his craft to new levels.  Self educated with 3D modelling and really pushing himself.  So much so I was more than happy to ask his help when Bry was overloaded with work.

I'm only a craftsman.  Lee is a true artist/sculptor.  And it shows in his modelling.  Lee modelled Jades/Ronins head and did an excellent job.  Im only sorry I wont be adding artwork to the figure so I can give him the credit he deserves.

Lots of VERY COOL goodies over at Bigman Toys, great prices and tons of very down to earth and practical advice.  You'll find the link to his site on the right hand side of this blog under "Homeworlds Hot List".

Well worth the visit.

My POV on the New Micronauts Comics :-(

ok...Hmm!...I was given a copy of the NEW Micronauts comics today.

I give this comic a FAIL!  Its the artwork to that I refer to that sucks.  Forget the story line.  Who cares?  The artwork puts this in Indie territory.  Maybe a college student trying to make a few extra bucks. 

The comic itself is not a comic.  Its a magazine.  High gloss pages that render Silly Putty obsolete and the pages slip through your fingers.  Yeah... I would never buy these especially at the prices they are charging.

The story...WHAT story?  I cant get past the artwork to read it.  It could be the best story line ever.  But with the distracting artwork that its put beside, no one will read it.  I couldn't get past page one.

If it AINT broke...don't fix it.  Why does everything have to be new and improved when there was nothing wrong with old and lousy except that its older?  Its because of these multiple artists trying to put different spins on things that Micronauts cant get off the ground.  There is no continuity.  Every version is different.  Its like the they are trying to get the Micronauts off the ground by trial and error.  Throw it against the wall until eventually something sticks.  A recipe for complete disaster.

They need to be grounded.  The only way currently that the Micronauts will ever be mainstream is if anyone who knows anything about Micronauts died tonight and they were re introduced to a public that has never heard or seen them before.

Its time they conceded that, tweaked the characters and gave them different names.  Because Micronauts are the sad sack of action figures and until some continuity to the original design and storyline is put in will always be just a rag of a magazine.

Oh Micronauts...what has become of my beloved Micronauts of my youth?  :-(

Next Project...Diaclone Pilots

While I am busy making parts for Cobroid, my dear friend Charles has convinced me to give the Diaclone Pilots a whirl.

So while you guys make up your mind about Jade, Im going to jump right in and make the molds for them.  I just bought 100-1/8 x 1/8 x 3/16 earth magnets and another 100-5mm x 5mm x 3mm earth magnets.

Now lets see if we can make a mold of this little guy.

Jade Poll Critical For Production

I don't want to sit on 25 figures if no one is interested in them.  Conversely, with cure time and assembly it takes me a week from pouring casts to shipping out.  I don't imagine people are willing to wait up to 20 weeks on a wait list while I make figures for one order at a time.

So what do I do?  How many figures do I make?  How can I gauge interest?

My poll on Jade is the only tool/gauge I have at my disposal.  If 2 people complete the poll, that's how many figures I will make for sale.  It worked perfectly for Deimos.  No one emailed me complaining they missed out on him, so Im using the POLL as my gauge.  If anyone misses out and the production numbers were low enough I will make more to order but if I have moved on to another project it will have to wait until the current project is done.

My production limit on any figure is 25.

Production units of past figures...

Flight Commander...25

That said, I am willing to make a few more Sultans or Roboids, but there is no packaging anymore.

Once Jade is finished as a project, I'll move straight onto Ronin ( mini King Atlas) and then I'll open the phones and make missile packs for those who want them for past figures.  Both Jade and Ronin will have missile packs instead of glider wings.

There will be no production limits or deadlines for the mini missile pack.  They will always be available.

In fact, I should make a list of available casts.  Coming soon.  lol.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mounted Missile Pack

It looks a bit different without the ball adapters.  Looking at it now, I may have to redesign the Centaurus body (if possible) or these wont fit the Centaur form.  But I think they look not too bad.

Ready to order...$15.00 each...$7.50 S/H...Tracking +$5.00

Available in Black And White for Sultan and Flight Commander...
Black and Gold (gold is air brushed) for Overlord.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mini Missile Pack "WITH" Pics

Bry modelled the holder and the nose cones.  I made the masters for the missile bodies.  Bry had modelled the bodies, but Shapeways had issues with it being so small.  We think the missile fins most likely.  As it is, it was just as well as I needed the missile body in 2 parts for easy casting.  More initial work, but less headaches down the road.

The result?

Its the proto.  The 1st one.  Its raw and not finished.  It needs a wash and some clear coat.  The missile cones are tinted red.  NOT painted.

Im liking this a lot!  But to anyone familiar with the Micronauts/Microman/Palisades and related magno figures, It looks a bit odd on the figure without the ball adapters on the end of the missile.  Its a good fit otherwise and sure spices up the figure.  I'll post a pic of it mounted to Sultan later tonight.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lower Missile Body big ass fingers be damned and leaving off the steel ball adapter, the lower missile body WITH  fins that I can now make a mold of.  Once I have a cast of it, I can tweak it just a bit more if need be.  If not, then I'll make a second mold and start making these.  I fully understand why Shapeways couldn't do this particular part.

The fins took almost 3 hours to make and another hour to set.  Now to make the mold and see how she really looks and maybe add some COLOR!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mold: A Definition From A Casting Perspective

What is a mold? 
A mold is a hollow encasement that when filled produces a desired shape.
That's the easy question.

How do I make a mold? 
Believe it or not, there is no wrong answer to that question.  The answer depends on many variables.  You have to consider the part, where to put the mold break line, orientation, sprues if used, are you doing multiple pours, can part be easily removed from the mold, how many are you making and many other possibilities.

I have made a 4 piece mold.  As long as its tight fitting, make 6 or 7 piece molds if need be.  Don't be afraid to get creative.  There is no wrong way to make a mold.  If it did it right regardless of how you did it.

However there are some methods for making basic molds that really an make life simple.

Its time we reviewed and updated Garage Kit Casting.