Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Little One

I have always had a pet since I moved out of my parents.  First a cat.  They could be more independant.  Telling a girl you cant spend the night because of your dog hasnt been out in 7 hours  isnt going to get a guy many return dates.  At 25 I got MY first dog.  Mom and dad always had a little poodle, but Damian was my first dog.  Black Lab.  I have always been attracted to large dogs.  Vegas was next...a Powerful rotty/sheperd that could clear a 6 ft fence with room to spare.  A very protective and smart dog.  Nevada.  Some bastard in Lac La Biche through 6 Border Collie cross puppies in a bag out the window of his truck.  I took one in.  Very  very sad.  It couldnt be trusted around men.  You couldnt leave a male baby with it.  Poor dog.  Draven.  A Powerful rotteweiler.  Dusty...A 180 lb Great Pyreneese I rescued from the dog pound.  I took my trade tools into the pawn shop to get the money to get her out.  She was to keep my other dog a purebred rotty Phoenix company.  I saved her from the pound, but couldnt save her from cancer.  She lived 7 years.  Phoenix was born on Christmas Day.  He lived 12 full years and was the epitomy of a well behaved responsible smart rotteweiler.  I miss them both.

I got Riley in 07 IIRC.  I played coy in getting him.  My wife was going to get him as a present for me.  I would sneak over and visit him when he was a puppy with out her knowledge putting on the show that there was no way in hell we were getting another dog.  Especially a small one..  I was used to large dogs.  He was so tiny.  Maybe I over compensate because I dont have children, but he is always at my hip.  We are inseparable.  And yes I do things for my dog that some people shake their heads at...but he is my..."Little One"
He is my first small dog. I wanted to have some flexibility travel wise, so I have put off getting another large breed dog for now. But I have become so very attached to him. I donot promote aggression in my animals. I believe if you give them nothing but love and attention, they will kill for you. I believe I have spoiled my 'little one' too much as even tho I try and dissuade him from becoming too overly protective of me, he is. He has no problem getting in between if he feels Im threatened. Its annoyingly cute. He also has this little hilarious.

He's my home security system and my little buddy,   :~)

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