Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's Always Something

Its funny.  Every now and then you will hear a collector say...Thats it.  I found it.  Im done. 

Thats cute.   And then 4 days later they find a different line or a variant they hadnt seen before and its on all over again.  However,  It is really sad when you see a collector go ebay.  Good solid collections are few and far between and getting harder and harder to put together.  So watching a mostly complete collection get parted out is heart wrenching.

I will never say, "Thats it...Im done.  No More."  Im not quite that niave.

Homeworlds Slogan is..."There's Always Something"

Sure there have been times when I wanted to sell it all and walk away.  But I cant, thats not me.  I'll sell it all and then I'll buy hockey crap.  Or Hot Wheels or more Lego or whatever...but the point is...Noone ever stops collecting.  And those of us who feel a need to collect can say what we want, but its in our blood.  We wont ever stop.   Sets within the collection may get completed, but individual collections are never completed.  WHY?

Because...There's Always Something.   Some shiny trinket here, some souvenier from that place, grandma's heirloom, christmas present whatever...There is Always Something.  The only time our collection is sadly the day we die.  And then it becomes someones elses and is no longer complete again.


There's Always Something.

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