Saturday, February 13, 2010

El Greco Super Commander

The Micronauts.  The most successful failure in the history of action figures.  I dont think any other toy line has had so many different companies produce so many different versions.  Takara/Mego/HourToy/Airfix/GiG/El Greco have all made their contributions with most notably El Greco being the most elusive. 

All this...this entire collection is made available because of one reason only.  The internet.  I dont know how I would have found out about these, let alone bought them with out the internet...

Yes...Homeworld is proud to present the fabled Greek Magno...Super Commander.  This Super Commander is one of  3  I have ever seen.  I own it.  I have only ever seen Santana/King Atlas and Baron Karza twice.  The Emperor once.  Oddly, the Green Baron was renamed Santana and the others left untouched.  Curious.

 Currently, the other Greek Magno figures while not in my possesion have been secured and I expect to be showcasing them  sometime in May.  I dont believe in showcasing something I dont have.  While I do have photos of the other Greek Magnos, they are not my pictures and I have not asked for permission to use them.  They are stolen from Ebay,  so I dont feel right posting them to my blog. 

Besides the packaging the most notable difference would be the lance style sword that all the Greek Magnos come equipped with and not 1 set...not 2 sets...but can you believe...4 sets of fists.  These Magno figures also cames with their respective steeds. 

Click on photos to enlarge.

There were 13 figures I was left looking for.  I didnt include the Greek Magnos in these because I never thought I would see them again as thats how rare they are.   There are also the extremely rare and mysterious Cavelari Stellari figures.  There are 6...I have 1.  Those will probably be the hardest to get, if not dam near impossible.  Those 5 are part of my final 13 figures.  And most likely will become the final 5.

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