Friday, February 26, 2010


Probably the coolest of all the Micronauts...Bug.  But Bug lives on...on paper only. 

Bug was created by Marvel for the Marvel Comics edition of The Micronauts.  And Marvel was holding onto this one.   So there are no BUG action figures.  Marvel Comics did a 48 page Comic called Bug One SHOT and I think there might be a 4 comic mini series...hmmm...those comics are packed one the top shelf in the back...crap...

But there has been some BUG merchandise and there have been various attempts by various people at making custom BUG figures.  The one piece of BUG merchandise I am referencing is the BUG BUST.  Its very heavy and very well made.  I'll edit this later to include info from the box.

And then as stated, there have been various 'custom' BUGs.   I have 3 of my own version made from leftover antron/repto parts, but they are pretty lame.  And while I have seen some very good custom BUG figures, the best 'BUG' custom I have ever laid eyes on is the one built by Vince Garma. 

I commissioned this figure from him and I was left speechless.  The man is incredibly talented and extremely detail oriented.  He made everything in this picture associated with bug including the staff and extra hands using a Microman as a base figure.  This is one of the most prized custom figures in my collection.  Simply Stunning.

To date I am unaware of any 'official' Bug figures.  They would of course be Marvel figures if they were.

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