Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dark Assasin

The Dark Assasin is one of the most prolific fan based Micromagno figure made to date.  There were 10 plus the prototype made.  It was a WWIII creation.  This enterprise was the joint venture of 2 people.  Willie Jones and "Ward" Schultz.  I hope I spelled that right.  The Dark Assasin came complete with a sarcophagus with eagle corner mounted head sculpts, a warning poem in Micronautese one the inside of the lid.  the sword had its name "Conscriptor"  written on it in Micronaut format.  It is one of the top items in my collection.

"Ward" is a Canadian living in Alberta.  Being a serious Micronaut Collector who also resides in Alberta I have been asked several times if I knew of "Ward".  I hadnt. 

Recently I sold some items on ebay and the winner of one of them was a local resident residing not far from where I live.  Charles.   We met at Starbucks, exchanged a few words and agreed to meet for coffee the following week to discuss Micronauts.  He was quite familiar with them and even owned a few of the more rare Magno figures in the past.  The following week he asked me if I was familiar with 2 figures...ETTE and THE DARK ASSASIN.  I replied, Why yes I had indeed and if he wished, the next time we met, I would bring them both if he wanted to see them in person.  I totally mistook the look on his face.  He said he would love to.  He then pulled out some pictures to show me.  It was then I realized exactly who I was having coffee with...

"Ward"     The Co-Creator of the Dark Assasin.   The Ette figure I have is a shadow of the original which was originally a magno figure which utilized magnets and balls for all the joints.   So for the next 2 and a half hours we sat and talked about Micronauts and compared notes on casting.
At one point in the conversation I was acutely aware that the conversations at the other tables had stopped and that there were 3 or 4 people staring directly at me.  I was not sure why, but I was aware of this.  I tried to act normal even tho I was somewhat perturbed.  It wasnt until later on when I had gone home did I realize what had happened.   And my apologies to the 2 women seated directly beside me who were obviously put out. 

Imagine that this is the only part of the conversation you hear...Wow man.  How did you do that? I had to cut the wrists right off.

He is extremely intelligent and has some very well thought out ideas.  I'm hoping to team up and hopefully we will be able to make something in the near future.

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