Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Near Death Experience

I came home from work.  I wanted to hurry up and get some casts made.  I went into the basement where unfortuneatley I have to keep Sable as she has been ripping the house to shreds when alone.  There is the crawl space and the laundry room.  The crawl space goes under half the house and opens up in to the laundry/furnace room and on the other side of the basement under the stairs.  There is a wooden baby gate to block it off.  There is a little hallway from under the stairs to the door leading upstairs and beside it the door to the laundry room and another straight ahead into the finished basement where I am doing my casting.  I keep this door closed AT ALL TIMES as do I my collection room.

THANKFULLY!!!  Sable destroyed the baby gate, chewed the wood to splinters, pulled all the clothes off the dryer and some that were hanging up.  She pulled up and destroyed the carpet to the point I couldnt open the main door into the basement hallway.  She destroyed home 45mm reel movies and worst of all...

In the basement hallway is my grandmothers old Singer Sewing machine from 1912 I believe...could be as late as 1917.  Its on there I just forgot.  But when its down it makes a nice little table.  And its the perfect size for my Chess Set.  While all the doors were closed, Sable went around under the stairs destroyed the baby gate and now had complete access to the basement hallway.  But thats as far as she could go.  And as far as she needed to go in order to get to My Custom Micronaut Chess Set. 

Black Membros (Bishop) and The Black Defender (King) were totalled beyond repair.  The bases will have to be repolished to see if I can get all the marks out.  If not, I will have to make two more.  The figures will have to be replaced.  I still havent found Membros head.  The Galactic Defender can probably be salvaged for a few parts.

Yup...It was a near death experience.  She doesnt know how close she came.  I have never owned such a stubborn and destructive dog such as this in my life.  Never let anyone else pick out your dog or give you one as a gift.  Picking a dog is just as important as picking a partner.  Now to see what I can do about the carpet.  Shit.

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