Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wasnt That A Party!!!

Well the 2010 Grey Cup has come and gone.

MAN!!! What a party.  Tailgate parties/hot tub parties and of course the typical keg parties were everywhere.  The 2010 Grey Cup was the largest and most successful party to date.  Of course that was due to all the Saskatchewan fans who basically turned Edmonton Alberta into Edmonton Saskatchewan.

It was sold out.  I was cheering for both teams, But I am an Anthony Calvillo fan.  He's the quarterback for the Montreal Allouettes.  A future Hall of Famer.  So I bought a Montreal jersey.  Bring your sense of humor.  WOW was I out numbered.  VERY outnumbered.  Someone had to cheer for Montreal and Im a glutton for punishment...It was the best time I have had in a long while.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a few rows down below me.  I spent the first quarter taking pictures of the costumes people were wearing.  I'll say this...Saskatchewan fans are very loyal and playful.  They are without a doubt the best and noisiest fans in the CFL. 

At the beggining of the game the Snowbirds came in formation.  I thought I was gonna lose my mind.  You could see them approach on the Jumbotron.  But what wasnt on the Jumbotron, were the 2 CF-18's that came in so low, I swear they actually flew into the stadium, they were that low.  I lost my hearing.  It was so FN loud.  Of course they were so quick, I couldnt get a picture.  And it was so cold, my camera kept acting up.  I had to keep it warm by stuffing it down my pants or it wouldnt work.

The Halftime entertainment featured BTO.  Man, those boys can still crank it out.  They took a few pages from Motley Crue with the pyrotechnics.  The cold froze the zoom feature so I didnt get any close ups.  Bummer.  Earlier pregame entertainment featured 5 other bands including Great White.  The even had a zip line for people to try.  It was very cool.  I tried to get a picture of this one girls cleavage, but Gumby kept sticking his head in between her boobs everytime I went to take the picture.  I should have given him the camera.

This was the second year in a row that these 2 teams met in the Grey Cup.  Montreal has won both times.  I picked Montreal to win because Athony Calvillo is the master of the clock.  He doesnt panic and knows how to use the clock to his advantage.  While the game was closer than I expected it to be, Montreal did win.  But it was close.  It took a last minute interception for Montreal to seal the deal. 

It'll be another 8 or 10 years before we see another Grey Cup here in Edmonton.  And Im gonna be there.  Im keeping these season tickets.  It was worth it.

Altho the Edmonton Eskimos really sucked this year, All the teams were represented in some form by their cheerleaders.  And the Edmont Eskimo Cheer Team proved that they are without a doubt THE BEST in the league.  While most teams have strictly Cheerleaders, The Eskimos also have men on the Cheer Team.  This allows for more acrobatics.  I mean man can they throw those cheerleaders high!!!

             Moses is a                Saskatchewan Fan!

BTO-Bachman Turner Overdrive is Taking Care Of Business!!!

This stupid mascot kept throwing his head forward and back.  I lost my lunch laughing so hard.  All the plummage would flare up when he did it.  It was hilarious.
            Fireworks or                 rather some of them.

                                           Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team.

                                          More BTO !!!  YEAH BABY!!!

                                            The Jumbotron.
SO here's a few pics of the Grey Cup and some of the costumes I managed to get pictures of.  Just click on them to enlarge.

There arent any pictures of any Montreal Fans because...Well there werent very many.  Or at least very few dressed up.  I mean it when I say this game was dominated by Saskatchewan fans.  The attendance record was set by Edmonton VS Saskatchewan last year and eclipsed by this Grey Cup game.

         Now lets get back to making more Action Figures!!!

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