Friday, February 4, 2011


Well I think they are Warbirds.  Its Japanese Anime.  There are 5 different figures that turn into birds similar to the Micronauts Red Falcon.

The Warbirds have a great deal of chrome and are extremely detailed.  They are very nice figures...EXCEPT...

These are not toys.  They are not designed to withstand play.  Like the MP Megatron, they are top heavy and want to lean forward.  If you have new figures this is not a problem.  They are nice and tight.  I would not want to own these figures if they were played with.  Once they loosen up they become like marionettes with cut strings.  No stability. 

They are also not meant to be played with.  They are not as durable as the Micronaut Magnos.  They are sturdy, yet delicate.  They are meant to be posed and displayed.

They are roughly the same size as magno figures.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow.  I need more natural light.  With all the chrome, they reflect the flash and show up either in a different color or very dark.

All in all, I like these figures very much.  Im very glad I bought them and glad they are nice and tight.  The boxes come with display windows in them.  I may just display them like that.  You dont get to see the whole figure, but it sure looks cool.

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