Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riley Says No

The table is finished.  It looks ok and its functional.  The only thing missing is a chair.  I made the table for a 28" height.  Your basic desk height.  I have a nice leather chair and ottoman that I sit in.  Its not made for computer desk use, but it works well and is comfortable.  The old computer chair (a basic adjustable height, swivel desk chair) gets used as a foot stool.  When I am allowed to use it that is.

Its also Riley's chair.  Its where he sits when I am on the computer.  When I finished the tabletop for the room I pulled this chair in to check how everything worked.  And it worked as I had hoped it would.  So I left the chair in my room.  The next day, I am on the computer and Riley comes to sit with me.  Except the chair is gone.  He sat where the chair was and stared at me.  I picked him up and put him on my lap.  A few minutes later he left.  The following day, Im checking emails and he comes in and goes to where the chair used to be and sits his butt down and stares at me.  I look at him.  I remember saying," You have got to be kidding."   But he wasnt.  I got up and went and got the chair.  He hadnt moved.  As soon as he saw me bring it back, he moved enough for me to set it down and hopped right into it seconds later. 

So, I cant believe Im saying this...I still need a chair for my room because my dog wont let me use the one I have.

On the room front...I have bought a set of Transformer Curtains.  I had also bought a TF Valance for it on line, but they apparently werent the same and didnt match. These curtains are too long and will need to be hemmed up, so I will use the extra material to make a valance.  I will have the curtains in a couple of weeks. 

Im hoping to pick up another wall shelf this coming weekend.  Then I can organize the rest of my magnos and bring the remaining ones out of the closet.  Then I'll know how much wall space I have for artwork.

Then all I will need is a chair. 

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