Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bioscan Membros

When I rediscovered Micronauts and joined Micropolis Embassy when it first started, I was a very naive collector who knew absolutely nothing concerning the history of the Micronauts or the people who created and collected them.  This was a cause for some eyebrows over what I am sure to some of the more knowledgeable collectors were 'stupid questions' and more than a few good laughs for the same.

Streamlining, another collector teamed up with Palisades and offered a rare collectors figure for the online group Micropolis Embassy members.  This figure has more than its fare share of layers in the story.  Finally a new Micronaut to open and play with and it finally arrives and...

And it gets stuck on the west coast sitting in a warehouse because of a dockers strike.  Then the Figure was made in the wrong colors.  Collectors were in a frenzy.  When all was said and done, Palisades started selling the remaining figures on Ebay and they were also including 'Authenticity Certificates'.  Not knowing any better, I asked in the group why Palisades was including these certificates but we in the group didnt get them.  Looking back...yeah...it was/is a laughable question.  And thanks to the collectors of that time for restraining their laughter as well as they did.

 In response to my question, Acroray, group moderator issued me this certificate of authenticity.  A joke it may have been, but it in itself has earned a place of collectibility and a spot on my wall.  Not to mention, a business company also picked up Ray's little characture and made it their company seal.


  1. Heh! The seal is actually "Cynicalman" by Matt Feazell - one of my favorite indie comic characters and probably my personal manitou. A couple of years after I did this for you, I saw him at a convention and drew it for him. He liked it so much that he made it the new "Not Available Comics" seal, and sent me one of the rubber stamps and a thank you card. Quite an honor! You can catch Cynicalman at www.http://home.comcast.net/~mattfeazell/index.htm

  2. I knew the Bride when she used to Rock n Roll. :~)

    Its items like this that more than anything have a special place in my heart and collection. Oh man...the embarrassment and laughter of that question. I can laugh about it now. lol.