Saturday, June 11, 2011


This post is WAYYYYY OT...

Toady was Fan Day for the Edmonton Eskimos Football Team.  A chance for the people to meet the players and cheerleaders.  I kept my seats.  This will be the 3rd year and I dont see myself giving up those seats for quite a few years.

So today I went down to the Stadium to check it out.  I got to meet all the cheerleaders  :~)  I got my calendar signed by most of them.  They are everywhere, so I think I missed a couple.  I have a Grey Cup 98 hat so I brought it along.  The 98 refers to the number of Grey Cups, not the year.  Its last years hat.

After a scrimmage the players made themselves available for autographs and pictures.  I had a blast.  Kabongo is my favorite player.  Right Guard is where he has been playing.   A fantastic role model.  I was able to get my picture with him.  He lost 76 pounds in the off season.  This guy is HUGE.  Notice he has to bend down to be in the picture with me.  I picked up a couple of jerseys as well.

The Edmonton Eskimos have the BEST Cheerleading squad in the country.  I couldnt believe how tiny they are.  But to do all that acrobatics in the air, I guess tiny women are easier to catch.  Almost all of them are around 5' in height.

All in all it was an awesome time.  I need to get out to more of these events.

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