Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly did the original artwork for the Micronaut Aliens.  Shortly after Palisades released their wave in 2002, The Micropolis Embassy was able to elicit Ken Kelly to do a 50 print run from the original paintings.  The idea was to do the entire set of paintings.  Well all except Antron.  Marty is being tight lipped about Antron.  Another collector has the other paintings and these were used for the prints. 

The first print was the Terraphant and the second print was the Hornetroid. The prints were chosen by vote on which one everyone wanted first.  Then second.  Unfortunately we never got past the Hornetroid print..  I havent framed mine yet.  I had plans for them at one time, but that seems to have changed, so I am getting them framed hopefully before Christmas.

 Ken Kelly also did a couple of books.  The one I have is called Escape.  The artwork is phenomenal.  Al tho there are no Micronauts or Masters of the Universe in them.  It seems the powers that be exercised their legal rights and Mr. Ken Kelly wasn't allowed to include anything of that nature in the books.  However with the Gold Book, he does include a pencil drawing of your choice, that he draws for you.  And he informed me, that could be WHATEVER you wanted.

 This is the book ESCAPE, not the Gold Book.

Ken Kelly is also  a huge KISS fan and did the artwork for at least 2 of their albums.

This is just one of the over 100+ pieces of artwork in his book ESCAPE.

I have a link to his website in "The Hotlist"

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