Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Micronaut Pillows

WOW...I remember seeing these a few years back and thinking...these would look good with my sleeping bag.

Well they do!  I keep the sleeping bag properly stored and occassionally take it out for a photo shoot.  This seemed like the right time.  :~)

The pillows are more apt to be called cushions I believe or throw pillows.  While the pattern is the same the material seems to be slightly different between the sleeping bag and the pillows.  The pillows are Fan Made and made from the material of a Micronaut Mattress.  I dont have Kids.  I have a small dog and I spoil him crazy.  He is my baby...so sue me...I allowed him up for a few photos.

 Actually I didnt have a choice.  Riley is a photograph pig and as soon as he saw the flashes he jumped up on the bed and didnt move until I put the camera down.  OOPS...I lie...he closed he mouth for the last few pictures.  lol.

I have never heard of Micronaut Curtains.  Altho it is possible to have them made, I dont think MEGO ever made curtains.  No one I know has ever heard of any.  But material is still around so if one was inclined, They could be made.  That would really top of the room.  But I am happy with my Transformer curtains.

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