Saturday, November 26, 2011

Authentic Unofficially Official Magno Custom Capes

I dont mean to cut into this post.  Its unintentional.  But this next set of customs required I build something for it.

I have mentioned these in the past, but like stated in the previous post, I dont get make much time for 'playing'.  If I did, you would probably have seen more pictures of these next customs than you

 I am not sure how many of you know this, but Lady Command of the Micropolis Embassy Group made the capes for the Palisades Toys Emperors.  Shortly after the Magnos were released,  I commissioned her to make some additional capes for me in various colors.  They havent seen much play time, so I took down the red one for a few pictures.  I have been looking for proper hooks/hangars for them and havent found anything yet.  However now that I am doing casting, hooks/hangars for these Capes is now on the list. 

I wished I had gotten a few more made.  This is actually the first time this Red Cape has ever been put on a figure.

 I didnt know what to do with these capes now that I had them. Keep them wrapped in a  bag? So I took some welding wire.  Wire, not rod.   It comes in various widths about 2 maybe 3 feet long.  And I bent some and soldered them together to make a Cape Rack
 I have more detailed pics of it being made, but you get the idea.  All the joints were filed/sanded and the entire rack primed and painted.

I think Im going to spend a bit more time playing.  Some of these other capes have never been on a figure yet either.


  1. White Atlas with red cape is really cool and 'vintage' looking! great work man ;)

  2. Very cool, Austin!

    And just so no one thinks she had to make hundreds of little capes - she designed it and prototyped several samples. The ones included in the toys were made by the factory folks. ;-)