Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reconditioned Mego Spidermobile

  A short while ago I came across a Spidermobile and a Hulk Explorer.  The Spidermobile was just a red shell.  The Hulk Explorer was the same, but it also had its original cannon.  No dart, but I could live with that. 
  So when ever I get a few minutes I put it to use reconditioning these vehicles back.  I make the parts needed to make it look like the original version.  If I come across the original parts down the road, I swap out my casts and use them for other things.

 Now I still need to find the proper rear axle or one I can cast, but this Spidermobile is better off than it was. I made it new fins for the back, the back wing is from a Star Defender but matches and I made both the single and the double ski's that are currently mounted on it.  The side mounted rockets are courtesy of a now defunct Palisades BK set.
 I also have a couple of other Solarions that I have put together.  My favorite has the front wheel from the Battle Cruiser.  It just looks that little bit sleeker I think. 

One of the good things about having a Blog, is that it literally forces me to 'play' with my collection.  Maybe I dont get down on the floor and build worlds, but I take out a piece in question and pose it for photographs.  With all the casting and a little thing called 'life',  I dont do it nearly as often as I would like.  So this helps out a lot in that regard.

   Bob & Doug Mckenzie.   Bloody Canadians and their beer eh.  Now look what those 2 have done.  Great...Just Great...Pharoid. Beer.  I hope he keeps it away from the Terraphants. 

Dam bootleggers.      :~)

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