Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Stack

Stack...thats just what I call it.  I guess in retrospect rack would work just as well.  But it just seems more apt.  I dont know if anyone else thought of this.  Most likely.  Its a simple enough idea.  I remember documenting it here on the blog when I first made it.

When I first started casting, I was using a very small pressure pot.  In fact it was a paint pot.  I had to turn it on its side to be able to make the larger molds. I could barley get my hand in and sometimes it was sloppy.  So I was pretty happy when I found the one I am using on sale for $70.00.  But it is deeper than it is wide.  And that made for alot of empty space.  So I made a small shelfing (apparently thats not a word...hmmm) system. 

I cut 3 pieces of thin paneling.  I put one on the bottom of the pot, because the pot is curved.  Then I took the other 2 and drilled some holes, used some All Thread and a few nuts/washers and made a the shelf unit to fit inside the pressure pot.  Now I could make more molds at once.  At the very least, I didnt have to keep reaching all the way into the bottom of the pressure pot. 

 It wasnt until I used it a few times that I realized I made 1 small error.  Resin sticks badly to the wood.  So the shelf unit got bumpy and uneven from spilled resin.  I had to grind it off which is alot of work/noisy and messy.  However it can be easily scraped off with a putty knife or a simple scraper were it made of acrylic or some type of plastic.

So I finally got around to making the new shelf unit.  I kinda like the look.

I had some square pieces.  I just took a grinder to the excess and than spun it by hand over a belt sander.  I still have to put some pads on the bottom of the all thread so it doesnt damage the bottom acrylic plate.

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