Friday, December 30, 2011

A Reputable Italian Ebay Seller

Its no secret that alot of collectors are worried about dealing with Italy when it comes to Ebay.  I myself have been skeptical what with all the horror stories that have surfaced from the Italian Flouros to BaronKarlo and more.
I have been fortunate in my dealings with Italy.  Thanks in part to other collectors who have been considerate enough to inform me of less than reputable dealers and also other collectors who have gone out of their way to do diligent research and sleuthing to root out these cancerous infections from Ebay.  

But there are also alot of good sellers in Italy.  And we shouldnt condemn a whole nation for the actions of a few greedy people who have no moral fibre.

So in an effort to help promote goodwill and help protect other collectors who would like to buy items from Italy but are scared or just plain uncertain, I will be putting up posts every time I have a transaction involving Italy.

Today's post is courtesy of  maruzzell2   

Maruzzell has a 100% feedback rating of 1788.  I worked out a deal with him 'outside' of ebay.  He was extremely honest and pleasant to deal with.  His shipping charges were extremely fair and he shipped really quickly.  It was my pleasure dealing with him and I wont hesitate to do so again if the circumstances should arise.

Good people deserve good press...and thats why Maruzzell is getting the ATR Thumbs Up.

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