Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bumblebee ROCKS!

 This blog wasnt meant to showcase my personal collection, however in light of my current casting burnout, I think its appropriate.
BUMBLEBEE...Everyones favorite Tansformer.  I finally picked up the Masterpiece Movie Edition Bumblebee.  Besides Micronauts I also collect specific Transformers.  In particular the Masterpiece series.  Oddly enough, the Movie Edition Bumblebee is smaller than the Ultimate Bumblebee.  Both are freaking cool, however the Ultimate Bumblebee has issues standing due to its size.  It is the only Transformer (besides Sound wave) that I have opened.  I have other more common Bumblebee's that I open and scatter about the room.

The thing I like most about the Movie Edition Bumblebee is that they put in a display window.  The packaging is a display box.  So you can see whats inside without breaking the seals.

Bumblebee...He Rocks!

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