Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transformers Race Track

I just love the drug store where I get my prescriptions filled.  Its all the way across the city in my old neighborhood, but the drive is always worth it.  they have a very small toy section and there is always something neat there.  I bought an authentic wood Yo Yo 2 weeks ago from there.  I cant believe I didnt have one.

Last week I was in there and they had a Transformers Bumblebee Race Track similar to the Hot Wheels track but with a die cast Bumblebee I havent seen.  Its not a huge track and the set was only $20...How could I say no? 

After humming and hawing about it for a couple of days, I drove to the north side and bought it tonight...

Now the only question is...Should I open it or not?

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