Saturday, May 5, 2012

Micronauts Lobstros Finally Replaced

Yes, it was me.  I purchased the MIB Lobstros that was on ebay recently.  Actually there were 2.  But 1 is missing the antennae and box inserts.

I had a complete Lobstros years ago.  Oddly enough the seller of it lived only 10 minutes from where I was living at the time.  It was the MEGO version.  Oddly enough when I sold it in 06, it only sold for $450.00  which really sucked since I paid $750 for it.

This will make 3 Lobstros vehicles I now own.  However 2 are incomplete.  But with 2 incomplete ones to play with, I wont have a need to display the one I just bought.  I'll let you think about that last statement.  Keep your eyes open.

There are 2 Micronaut vehicles(?) I have never had and never will own.  I gave up being a completist a long time ago as I was never happy.  So I only collect those things that do.  These 2 vehicles just dont make any sense to me.

The first one...Ampzilla...if that doesnt say it all, how about the fact its an overpriced last minute piece together toy.  It has the same hands.  They couldnt even have been bothered to make opposing claws.  And the second is the Sharkos.  Meant for the water, but sinks like a rock.  Also it doesnt stay upright.  Looks cool enough, but it just isnt for me.

And yes...I stole these pics from the auction because I still need a camera. Altho... buying this doesnt help me get one any quicker. 

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