Wednesday, August 29, 2012


You have heard me mention it.  Its no big secret.  The next Homeworld Blog Exclusive is Sultan.  Sultan is a 3 3/4" remake of Baron Karza similar Flight Commander.  Once again I have enlisted the help of Micronaut Guru and CGG artist MicroBry.  (Que eerie Halloween music)  Bry is once again doing the labels for Sultan which will be packaged similarily to Flight Commander.

Fortunately, I have been kind of fortunate naming figures.  Flight Commander, Roboid, my (hopefully) next figure 'Marauder'.  I havent stepped on any toes with those names and they just came to me.  For the BK, I was lost.  And you have to follow an unwritten rule of protocol.  I cant turn around and reduce him to a mere captain.

I work with a man.  I think we all do.  You know the guy.  From 40 feet he looks like Homer Simpson.   He hates it when I say that,  But its true.  He is also a great friend and a very imaginative and ingenious individual.  Funny, Funny man.  Rodney.  I bounce alot of ideas off of him.  Anyway, we sat down for our coffee break and he lets me ramble on about my toys.  One thing leads to the next and I tell him I am stumped on a name and explain it to him.  So he follows my train of thought and starts throwing out a few possibilities when he looks at me and simply says...''Sultan.'' 

It has an evil hiss around the edges.  It commands respect and attention.  Sultan it was.

Unfortunately Mr. Michael Jaecks only made the Flight Commander Head Sculpt.  He didnt do a Mini BK.  So Bry is working on that as we speak.  I called and my resins are in.  So I can resume pumping out parts this weekend which also just happens to be a long weekend here.  So hopefully I can have everything but the heads at least made.  I would like to have them ready before Christmas and then relax and make a few variants for myself. 

Sultan is going to be limited to a run of 25 just like Flight Commander. 

I am looking forward to the next set of figures after Sultan.  You are all in for a nice surprise at the very least.


  1. Sultan sounds good! There are lots of other royalty names & titles that were never used by any of the magno variants. Off the cuff, I favor Czar /Tsar (Russian) and Kaiser (German), which sounds pretty similar to "Karza." File those for a rainy day ;-)

  2. Ruler was run through the Thesaurus and a few top suggestions were put together. Czar did make the list but wont be used. However, Overlord will be the name used to replace Emperor.

  3. Good strategy with the Thesaurus!!!

    1. It Bry that gets the congrats for that. I spent hours looking the net going through Arabian Royalty, Chinese Military, the Royal Family and the like. Did you know the Chinese dont have Military rankings? They feel it is detrimental to troop moral.