Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I recently bought some Star Wars Classic Figures.  9 figures to this set.  These figures are about 3/4" tall.  EXTREMELY small. THANKS VINCE!!!

And just perfect for me.  I only saw the first 2 SW movies.  And I thought how cute.  But I knew I would 'do' something with them....I just didn't know what when I bought them.

Well, Im getting a glass of milk and staring blankly at the fridge door.  Then it hits me.  I grab one of the fridge magnets, (REMAX REAL ESTATE FRIDGE MAGNET RULER) the gorilla glue and go to work.  I cut some strips off the magnet.  glued the figures to the magnetic strip and trimmed them up after the glue dried.  I keep them temporarily in an old steel cigarette case  which I will turn into a small space scene.
This second picture (below) shows them magnetically stuck to the cigarette case.

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