Thursday, May 19, 2016


I would like to take this time to thank a great humanitarian, a fantastic human being, and all around gentleman.

Heres the thing.  I don't need to  explain.  You all know it to be true.

Before FB locked me out a second time...I like to think it was fate...I was able to acquire a small item from Bill Jones collection with a huge me.  Last arrived.  Bill would be pleased.  Happy Days Matchbox truck.  Bill would get it.  Im at a total loss for words.  But Tom...thank you.  This means the world to me. 

Also included in the package was a green 12X.  A VERY nice clean figure that was supposed to ride the Gold Dober and match Dave Waughs Art.  And finally...Something VERY cool.  Tom V did something for me and I would like to thank my wife for going behind my back and emailing him.

Included in the package was something Tom called "home made" and I called bullshit on him.  Well the bullshit's on me.  Tom was directly involved in the making of this EXTREMELY LIMITED officially licensed product. AND HE GRACIOUSLY GAVE ME ONE...I cant thank him enough...AGAIN!
Can you BELIEVE this?

I know I have issues, and to those who have taken the time to understand them and not judge me...I thank you.  I have met so many good people by collecting Micronauts.  it would be an insult to try and name you all.  When I see all the crap going on in the world and how many simply AWESOME Micro fans that I can call friends...Im humbled.  You people restore my faith in mankind.

And Tom...there aren't enough words in the English or any language to describe just how much of a fantastic man you are.  Not that I would need to.  EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

Thank you ever so much...from the bottom top and center of my heart...Thank you.


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