Saturday, January 28, 2017

3 3/4" Glider Packs Discontinued

Please note...Past figure accessories included a Glider Pack.  Glider Packs have been discontinued in favor of the Missile Pack.  The missile pack will be made available separately for those who purchased past figures once I get some made.

To those who purchased figures with a glider pack, should you accidentally break your glider pack,  no replacement parts will be available.  Instead you will be offered a Missile Pack as a replacement.

Also, "ALL" Roboid/Deimos figures made from this point on will no longer have the chest canopy screwed in.  The screw has been eliminated and the canopy will be glued in.  None of the Deimos figures have the canopy screwed in which saved me a lot of work and allowed me to significantly drop the price of Deimos.

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