Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It is with GREAT  sadness that I announce...THE DEATH OF A MICRONAUT.

I recently hit up my old Micronautapedia only to find it...offline.  Then I received an email I had been expecting.  The email I was expecting could have come from anyone.  I certainly never expected the information devastation I was about to get.

ISO- Inner Space OFFLINE.  Rumor mill has it Dave's interests no longer include maintaining ISO.  Im gonna see if I can wiggle in and maybe help in some way to keep it up.

While we are ALL  getting older and interests may be changing, we cant downplay our contributions to our hobby.  WE have put in countless hours in support of it with thousands of hours of information.  We probably didn't see it at the time.  But now looking back...

Our efforts.  Our time.  To see it fade and all that information and a shame.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Working Hard

Im slowly plugging way 1 figure at a time.  The Microman Cessna is going to Ebay.

This weekend I'll be putting up a post dealing with how to fix air pockets in finished cast pieces that can also be used to make some really cool customs as well.  I've been wanting to do this post for a while and finally will get it out to you.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

SHIPPING TO THE UK Now Mandatory Tracking

 As a gift to Jonathon Ross, I sent him a sealed Microman Videocassette and figure and 1 of 3 Mini Microtrons I made with wheels in them.  In fact it was my own personal figure.

3 months now and it hasn't reached him.  The ONE  package I didn't put tracking on.  I  don't care about the video cassette.  I put ALOT  of work into that custom Microtron, so Im a bit teed off.


So Im sorry if I seem a bit upset.   

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Avengers Johansen Vs Olsen: Who's Hotter?

Due to the nature of this blog and the fact we're dealing with Marvel Characters, I feel this question is blog relevant.  ;-)

This might come as a surprise to some...But I would pick Elizabeth Olsen over Scarlet Johansen.

Scarlet seems to be losing her appeal.  Not to say she isn't good looking.  She's totally hot... but every movie she looks a little more weary.  And by that I mean comparing her from the previous film to the next in the Marvel series of movies.  Now with her short hair...she doesn't have that same level of sex appeal.  IMO.  Short hair is a look that's really hard for most women to pull off.  She still looks fantastic in spandex.  She's still a hot woman...but I would pick Elizabeth Olsen over her.  When she pulls that pose to keep the tower from blocking Captain America's way at the airport in Civil War...oh man.  She's just all out hot and she has awesome legs.  The bustier doesn't hurt either.

I could be in the minority...but this is a battle I could debate all day.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lost Weekend

Whats that they say...In like a lion?  After an unusually warm February, March is unusually cold.  We got more snow in the last 5 days than we had all winter.  My back went out bigtime and my S.A.D. is kicking in full time, so I didn't get much done last weekend.  But I do have 6 more figures on the go, missile packs are getting made and Im getting almost ready to start some Jade figures.  So a few more weeks.  There will be a nice selection of figures to choose from when done.

I've been going over the books and I should have the resources to get the Marauder One shot underway in about 16 months.  Im going to go down to the U of A, NAIT or the local college art departments and put up a notice or two.  I don't want the commitment of kickstarter.  I'll save the money up.  This sale will help. 

I will be selling my more common items every so often on Ebay starting in the coming few weeks.  My ebay ID is   t-551 
Get it?  t-551  Think about'll come.  But if you just cant...

t-551 is the Microman designation of the Titan Space Dober...or as collectors call it...Gold Dober.

I'll put a little notice up here when I do.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Todays Tasteful Humor

How do 23  Edmonton Oilers change a light bulb?

They don't.  They sit in the dark and talk about how it used to be.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Marauder and Other Projects

I have decided to slowly put the Marauder Magno together.  No rush.  A piece here and there when I get bored of making the 3 3.4" figures.  Slowly rework the pelvis for the 5" Marauder Figure.  Im not in any rush to get Marauder done.  I still want the Marauder One Shot published.  With all the delays and how long its taken to get to this point, there is no point in rushing it out the door half assed finished. 

I want Marauder released in tandem with the One Shot.  Im no going to cheat myself.  So I'll just keep casually making Marader action figures until the comic is done.  By the time the comic is completed, I'll have enough figures for the release of both.

So the official word is that while I will have a few Marauders made, Marauder will not be available for the September Sale.  Im sorry, but this is VERY important to me.  Im worried if I release Marauder without te One Shot, the One Shot wont get made or will be ignored since the figure was already released.  So once again...Im sorry.  But this is more for me than anything and I don't want to cheat myself on this.

Im going to continue making various other 3 3/4" figures for the September Sale instead.  Jade and if possible, maybe I can squeeze a few Ronin into the mix.  There will not be any Mini Microtrons.  Those were a definite one off.  There will also be some art and other Microman and Micronaut figures available too.  But the focus will be my 3 3/4" customs.

Im checking into something which might if it works... give you all some fits.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marauder...MAYBE...Not Yet

Why would I be surprised?  lol  Well...I ground in the clearance I dared without breaking through the top side.  After positioning the new pegs as low on the pelvis as possible...a visual assembly of the master reveals it might not be enough to fix the problem.  I'll have to finish the mold and make a cast. 

If it doesn't work as anticipated, I will have to build up the pelvis wall on the bottom where his balls would be so I can reposition the thigh pegs a bit lower.  THEN...that should be the final hurdle...YEAH RIGHT! lol.

The mold I made of the pelvis WITHOUT the 5mm pegs will work excellently for the Marauder magno.

SO...if I really want a Marauder that badly, I have everything I need to make one.  All the parts are made.  Some slight modifications to fit the magnets and Stainless balls, but a committed week and I could have one made.  I need to drill a hole, fill it with resin, drop I the ball plug, pressurize, let cure and sand.  Repeat.  Then modify an area for the magnet, fill it with resin, drop in the magnet, cure and sand.  Repeat.  I only plan to make 7 Marauder Magno's for that reason.  A lot of secondary work.

I had hoped to take pictures of this current mold because I want to cover another aspect of mold making.

Trimming and Modifying a Mold.  But I need to buy more batteries...and a camera I can use.  Something with a nice auto focus.  But batteries first.  Cheaper for now.

So...after some thought...I make the parts...they have sprues.  Sometimes glue gets used.  Sometimes a little paint.  There's a lot of waiting involved for everything to cure and/or dry.  This really isn't that different from the models I never made. might be incorrect for me to say that I have never built a model.  I'll have to think more on that one.