Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Custom Magnos All Done Except...

Well I made some new pewssurized Magno heads to replace the first set.  I sold those a few months back, but never got around to replacing the heads I needed.  The unpressurized Magno Heads I made were actually pretty good.  But I want it as close to crystal clear as I can get it.  So I finally finished off the Red Clear with Black set of four Magnos. 

The Red Clear with White set of four Magnos. 

The All CLear with Black Set of Four Magnos ...

and the All Clear with Red Set of four Magnos.   I need 3 white Force Commander adapters to finish off the WHite with Black Set of Four Magnos.  The White with Red Set of Four Magnos is complete.  The Blue Chrome Set of Four Magnos is completed. 

The Magnos I have yet to finish are the Purple Chrome Emperor and The Copper Chrome Emperor.  Also, thinking I wasnt going to get the Copper Chromed Magnos done at all, I wasnt prepared.  I didnt have the Magno figures to do it.  So I used my Shadow Magnos for Copper Chroming.  So I need 4 Baron Karza's to turn into a Set of Four Shadow (All Black) Magno's.

 I also need 4 Baron Karza's to make the Black with Red Set of Four Magnos.  So thats whats on the Magno front.  All I need now is a weekend to finish my Magno Leg. Its a bit more custom friendly.  :~)

Now that I have my table made, I can get another shelf like the one I already have for the other Magno Figures.  The Red Falcons, The Knock Offs, The Palisades Prototypes, The Fantanauti and the JEAG's and the few other Custom Magnos I have.  I'll get the rest of the Magnos'd I have in here so they are all in one place.

Sept 18/14 EDIT
  Officially I have completed the chromed magno figures I set out to have chromed with the exception of a similar colored steed.  The Purple Chrome and Copper Chrome magno figures were assembled and finished yesterday.  All production color schemes were made for each "set" of magno's as well as black and white.  The All Black Magno Figures are not being made.  I have completed my Magno Collection with the exception of a few more customs here and there.

They can be found under the right side Label "Chromed Magno's"

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  1. Incredible Magno collection Austin! The red clear set/white access. have a real effect in the picture...they are downright imposing.