Sunday, December 19, 2010

MEGO Salesman Sheets Found

Fortunately we arent dealing with a bank.  The missing sheets have been found and will soon be here.  As soon as they arrive I will be posting them.  The seller was extremely nice about it.  Im so relieved.

Im sure most of you have seen them already on ebay, but I'll give you a closer look.  There are some very ccol shots you just dont see these days.  Remember these are the salesman sets.  So there might be some photos that might vary from the actual final product.  At least thats what I am hoping. 

Just like the German Airfix Toy Brochure.  You know the one in every Micronauts Toy set.  Well I just picked up one off ebay that features a WHITE Baron Karza and a Transfer Fortress in it.  After checking around it was told to me that it was probably more a matter of parts missing for a photo shoot and so they adlibbed as opposed to a suggested alternate color scheme.

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